Deemed to have been "lost" in her photographs, Megan Morris, a 23-year-old bartender from San Francisco, CA, became the second girl eliminated from the seventh edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of The CW reality show.

Top Model 7's third episode (technically last week's two-hour premiere broadcast was two episodes) began with the twelve remaining girls returning back to the house after Christian Evans was eliminated. As the girls unwound from the elimination ceremony, Megan and Michelle Babin spent some time trying to help each other refine their runway walks. Meanwhile, Melrose Bickerstaff -- the surviving member of the initial elimination ceremony's bottom two -- was thankful to have been given a chance to reform her "diva" ways.

The next morning, the girls began their day with an early morning breakfast with Jay Manuel and J. Alexander. When they returned home, the girls received a surprise -- Tyra Banks had transformed the house's living room into a full-fledged beauty salon in which Frederic Fekkai, Tyra's longtime personal hair stylist, would give the girls their dramatic makeovers.

While Megan was happy with her shorter blond cut, not all of the girls were happy with the new looks that Tyra created for them. "I just feel so masculine, I feel like I lost my girlish thing," an upset Jaeda Young commented after her new much shorter style was revealed. "My god, why?," Monique Calhoun, who later broke down in tears, shouted after learning that her existing weave would be removed.

After a while, all the whining and complaining began to upset Jay. "To see these young girls who supposedly wanted to be here so badly just kinda throw it off and say 'Uh, I don't like it' it just kinda disgusts me and makes me not want to be here," Jay vented to the cameras. "You're insulting our guests, you're insulting Tyra," a frustrated Jay told the girls.

The next day, Jay gave the girls an opportunity to "make up" for their previous day's behavior during their CoverGirl Queen Collection challenge. After cramming into a single elevator car, the girls had to use the elevator's brief thirty second stops to grab makeup, clothing, shoes, and accessories and put together their own "young, clean look." If a girl failed to get back into the elevator brief it departed for the next floor, she was instantly disqualified from the challenge. Both Megg Morales and Monique failed to make it all the way through the challenge.

After making it the top floor, the remaining girls had their overall looks judged by CoverGirl Queen Collection spokeswoman Queen Latifah and Roxanna Floyd, her makeup artist. After interviewing all the girls, the women decided that Eugena Washington had created the best look and named her the challenge's winner. As her reward, Eugena was allowed to select two girls to join her in a special photo shoot. She selected Jaeda and CariDee English.

Once the girls returned to the house, Monique -- upset that since she had missed getting making it back into the elevator in time, she'd been eliminated from the challenge and not gotten to meet Queen Latifah -- decided to "get back" at the rest of the girls by hogging the house phone all night. Finally, after watching Monique ignore Melrose's requests that she need to use the phone to call her landlord and continue to monopolize the phone for nearly two and a half hours, Anchal Joseph confronted Monique about her selfish behavior.

Despite the argument with Anchal, Monique continued to hog the phone for another hour, only finally leaving the phone room after the rest of the girls had left the kitchen area and gone to bed. When it was over, Monique was unrepentant. "If they keep disrespecting me then I might end up busting out another scene like that," Monique boasted during a confessional.

At the following day's photo shoot, the girls had their hair styled by three Hair Wars "weavologists" and then photographed by guest judge Tracy Bayne. After receiving their wild new weaves, the girls had to prove that their extravagant hair styles didn't prevent their own individual personalities from shining through in their photos. While most of the girls showed versatility and vulnerability, Megan struggled. "I didn't realize how hard it was to show emotion on your face," she said.

During the judges' elimination ceremony deliberations, Nigel Barker commented that Megan had a great body and bone structure, but those features didn't come through in her photographs, which were the weakest of the bunch. "In your photograph, you were lost," Tyra explained to Megan before eliminating her from the competition.