Married at First Sight's reunion special featured Jasmina Outar and Michael Morency revealing they split over a "very nasty" fight, Mark Maher and Lindsey Georgoulis admitting their marriage ended due to "explosive" arguments, Olajuwon Dickerson putting a rock on Katina Goode's finger, Steve Moy and Noi Phommasak still happily married, and Chris Collette wishing he had ended his marriage to Alyssa Ellman sooner during the Season 14 broadcast that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The Married at First Sight fourteenth-season couples who gathered in-studio were Lindsey and Mark, Olajuwon and Katina, Jasmina and Michael, Noi and Steve, and Chris and Alyssa.


The Married at First Sight reunion was hosted by Kevin Frazier.

The Boston-based couples reunited five months after "Decision Day," and the cast was asked what it was like for them once cameras left their homes and lives.

"It was a breath of fresh air to be in a normal routine," Katina noted.

And Mark revealed he had lost 40 pounds once Lindsey swapped out his burgers for sushi.

Olajuwon and Alyssa said they were grateful to be able to watch themselves back on TV and have a learning experience from that, and Lindsey complained that she never knew she'd have to "take the reins on so many difficult life decisions" and marrying a stranger ended up being a third job.

Steve said the privacy allowed Noi and himself to get to know each other on a much deeper level without pressure, and Jasmina admitted she sometimes looked "crazy" on the show.

Below is what happened on the Part 1 of the dramatic Season 14 reunion.


The cast watched back a never-before-seen clip of Alyssa telling her girlfriends on the show that she had a fun time playing tennis with Chris while everyone was on their honeymoon in San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Alyssa, who actually had a meltdown that day and told producers that she hated and couldn't stand Chris, told Kevin she had lied because she didn't feel comfortable being so honest about what was really going on in her marriage.

Chris figured having the same topics come up over and over again must have been "draining and exhausting" for her because she knew she was "done" with Chris early. Chris said she probably just wanted to move on at times.
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Alyssa insisted the claim she wanted to move into the Boston apartment so she could be with her girlfriends was "100 percent false." Alyssa said if she and Chris were going to have to continue filming, they both lived far away from the apartment building and it would be fair for them to split it so she could drive half the time and vice versa.

Alyssa had also told the women that whether or not she moved into the apartment, it wouldn't affect their friendship because she planned to see them all the time and talk and do dinners.

"And we stayed true to that," Alyssa noted.

Lindsey said Alyssa's marriage not working out was on her because Chris was always honest, genuine and kind. Lindsey said she was partial just because she had actually gotten to know Chris.

Olajuwon also pointed out Alyssa could have given Chris more of a chance.

Chris revealed he and Alyssa were "cordial" because they sometimes hung out with the other cast members in a big group.

Before Kevin dove into his questions, Alyssa asked to speak when she and Chris were alone with the reunion host.


"I came into this with the purest intentions," Alyssa said.

Alyssa and Chris decided to get a divorce 12 days into the extreme marriage experiment, and when looking back on the process, Alyssa explained, "I wanted to find my person more than anything."

"When it didn't work out for me, I panicked, and I didn't handle myself the way I would have liked. And, you know, I'm sorry for that," she explained.

"But looking back now, I'm grateful for the things that I've learned, and I just want everyone to know that I came into that for the right reasons."

Kevin asked Alyssa if she wished she had given Chris a real chance, but she dodged the question.

"When I say that, I mean that I don't think me and Chris are made for each other... I wish there was things that I didn't say because of the mental state that I was in," Alyssa explained.

"Because I didn't feel like it was right, right away. I saw him and yes, he was not my physical type when I saw him. But there was things that happened besides the physical attraction that made me feel that way, that really upset me."

Kevin questioned what Chris had done to rub her the wrong way, but Alyssa admitted things she had "learned" from other people caused her to spiral.

"As the [wedding] night went on and I learned things about him, like when I was standing with his three groomsmen," she recalled.

After Alyssa and Chris tied the knot on Married at First Sight, Chris' groomsmen essentially told Alyssa how Chris can be condescending, argumentative and a bit arrogant when expressing his opinions.

They even made a comment about how Chris "loves to monologue," which immediately turned Alyssa off.

Alyssa also told the cameras that Chris had referred to himself as her "side piece" in an elevator and she found the remark disgusting.

She found him to be immature on Night 1 of marriage, and she refused to sleep in the same hotel room with Chris that night.

"I'm like, 'I don't see how we're compatible. We have no shared hobbies, in my opinion, and we don't share the same core values and beliefs,'" Alyssa claimed. "And that's where I feel like things got misconstrued and messed up and why my brain wasn't working right."

Alyssa had meltdowns during the process when she was "bawling [her] eyes out," and she said it was "horrible."

Chris acknowledged how marrying a stranger was overwhelming and there was a lot he didn't see or know about until the show aired, such as Alyssa swearing about him and calling him "an assh-le." Alyssa had accused Chris of being rude and doing her dirty.

"I would've been done a lot faster had I seen a lot of that stuff sooner, [in particular], that I'm a f-cking used carsalesman who sells houses," Chris shared.

"I didn't realize the extent to which she had said bad things, had said insulting things, had said disgusting things. When you say stuff like that about somebody, you're just not worth my time at that point. No one deserves that."


Alyssa claimed she wasn't mentally aware of what she was saying or doing because it's never her intention to hurt anybody. She said she couldn't decipher right from wrong during the process because she was "just spiraling out of control" and she "couldn't contain it."

Kevin asked Alyssa that if she knew her marriage wasn't going to work from the start, why did she get on an airplane and go to the honeymoon.

"I thought that's what we had to do," Alyssa said.

Chris accused Alyssa of wanting to stay in the marriage so they could have the "experience" and participate in group activities, but Alyssa snapped, "That's not true."

"I could care less about the experience. I came into this with the purest intentions of hoping to find my person," Alyssa argued. "And when he kept saying to me, 'I don't feel like you're here for the right reasons,' that really triggered me."

But Chris clarified how he thought Alyssa was in it for the wrong reasons -- not going into the process -- but when she wanted to continue their marriage about a week in.

Alyssa revealed how producers had lost her trust once she was matched with somebody she didn't ask for "in all aspects" and not just physically. Alyssa said being matched with Chris hurt her and so she didn't want to speak with the experts or producers.

Alyssa cried on Chris' Decision Day and said it was because she was sad about the entire situation and how the experiment ended.

Chris reiterated how he would've tapped out sooner had he known more, adding, "I know we set a record, but I would've beat that."

Alyssa shared how she learned to be more mindful of her words and will continue to try to be a better person every day, and Chris said he's building his business and dating again. Chris had been on a few dates and found himself having heavier conversation early on since he knows what he wants in a partner now.


Steve admitted that he kept his distance from Lindsey while filming because he knew they wouldn't get along and would be like oil and water. Steve said Lindsey had bragged on the retreat about how Mark is going to be such a great dad who will always change diapers, which was a jab at him.

"She talks trash about people when we're not around and then acts cool when we're there. So I just didn't want anything to do with that," Steve noted.

Steve had warned Noi not to tell any secrets, and then Noi told Lindsey about the first time she and Steve had sex on their honeymoon.

"Lindsey went straight to a producer," Steve said.

But Lindsey claimed she and Noi had discussed that on a bus while they were unknowingly mic'd up. Lindsey also said she didn't talk to anyone in the cast about Noi and Steve's sex life.


"I believe that my dad chose this woman for me," Olajuwon revealed.

Olajuwon said he definitely needs to watch his tone with Katina, and while he truly wanted to be matched with a woman who would cook for him every day, he went about it the wrong way. Olajuwon said he was too "stern" about Katina cooking for him.

Katina felt she was doing her best and so it hurt to hear when she'd be coming up short. Katina also insisted her cooking is not inedible and there was only one time when she put chicken in an air fryer and it didn't cook all the way through.

"Does Olajuwon still expect a hot meal on the table every night?" Kevin asked.

"No! no," Katina replied.


Olajuwon said self-reflection changed him and since Katina also works, he's a queen and he must protect her. Olajuwon shared how they order takeout when Katina tells him that she's too tired to cook and she'd glad her patience paid off.

Katina pointed out how Olajuwon can't be with "a weak woman" because he's a very confident man who speaks his mind.

Kevin then asked Olajuwon to give his wife some validation since his "inedible" cooking comment had hurt her feelings, and he looked at her in the eye and said she had taught him all about patience, effort and the tools to a happy life and healthy marriage.

"Katina, I couldn't be happier to call you my wife, and I mean that," Olajuwon stated before getting down on one knee.

Olajuwon then proposed with what appeared to be a diamond ring, asking Katina to continue this journey with him.

Katina immediately broke down into tears and called herself "speechless." She yelled, "Yes!"

Katina cried about how she's so glad she followed her gut and never gave up on her husband. Olajuwon thanked Katina for having faith in him and not listening to the haters while the show was airing.

Katina looked at her "big ass ring" and seemed thrilled, and Kevin said Olajuwon had come a long way on this journey.

"You showed me a gray area in my life that I needed to work on, and it's not your words -- it's your presence. Sometimes to be a leader, you don't need to talk and you just need to show your actions, and you've done that," Olajuwon explained.

"I love you," Katina replied. "That's my first time saying it."

"And you know I love you too," Olajuwon replied, adding how Katina was his "backbone."

"And you're my best friend," Katina gushed.

Olajuwon advised future cast members to give their spouse a real shot because you never know what this person could bring to your life.

Katina said she wasn't worried about having another blowout fight with Olajuwon, in reference to the fight they had about the old dating app on her phone. Olajuwon said a person needs to be called out "in the proper way" and it was hard to watch his behavior back sometimes.

"Don't always knock the man who's forward about who he is. Understand him and don't judge him. Learn about him... and everyone will change when it's time for them to do it," Olajuwon said.

Olajuwon was glad his wife never judged him and ran away from him when viewers begged her to leave her marriage.

When asked where they see themselves in five years, Katina said they'll "probably have a child" by then, and Olajuwon agreed and added a white-picket fence, dog and pool to the equation.

Olajuwon sold his house during the coronavirus pandemic because he had too much "history in it," such as when he was pretending to be Isaac. The couple was therefore living in an apartment and planning their next move.


Jasmina recalled loving her magical wedding day with Michael, but their communication was poor at the start of the process. Jasmina often accused Michael of having a condescending tone, and Michael being called "aggressive" triggered him.

Michael said he never attempted to intimidate Jasmina, but she stood by Michael speaking with aggression. The pair clearly agreed to disagree on that topic.

Jasmina revealed that Michael was so upset about that "aggressive" comment, they didn't speak for an entire month. Jasmina said it seemed like Michael was afraid to come off the same way in conversation again and so he just avoided conversation with her.


"I feel like us, in our marriage, didn't have the tools for that to not happen again," Michael said. "That made me so nervous. That freaked me out... and [so I thought], 'I've got to relax.' But that's not the right way to go about things, to be silent."

Jasmina therefore confessed that she thought her marriage was going to end "a couple of times."

Jasmina recalled having a breakthrough with Michael when they did one of Dr. Viviana Coles' intimacy exercises. She felt stress and pressure dissipate at that point, and being vulnerable had been missing in their marriage up to that point.

Michael began feeling comfortable with Jasmina again during that same time, with that exercise. The pair then began getting to know each other and growing together as a couple.

Jasmina then had hope her marriage was going to work out.

"It's what I wanted from the beginning. It just took us so long to get there," Jasmina admitted.

"We made so much progress. It finally got to the point where we were like, 'Okay, we can tolerate each other,'" Michael said.

Michael and Jasmina laughed and agreed they truly "couldn't stand each other" during the first month of their marriage but then they became friends and started having conversations.

Kevin asked the couple if they're still together, and the couple playfully pretended to play the drums with their hands.

"I'll let Mike answer that," Jasmina teased.

"We are not together, no," Michael confirmed. "After Decision Day, I think it was... two weeks for me to call Jas and decide, 'This isn't really working.' I straight up told her, I said, 'I don't feel like I'm getting anything from this.'"

Michael said he needs validation from his wife that he wasn't getting from Jasmina, and he said "everything" was wrong.

Michael said without being legally married and his dreams of having children, he didn't have much to hold onto with Jasmina alone.

"I would say after Decision Day, I didn't feel like [Jasmina wanted it to work]," Michael confessed.

"I truly believe that I was putting in more of an effort than he was," Jasmina said. "I'm not going to say that without receipts. If you look at our conversations, I texted him every single day to have a conversation. He planned one night to come to my house, and that was it."

Jasmina said she and Michael had gotten into a "very nasty" argument in which Michael accused her of not putting effort into their marriage. Jasmina said the way Michael spoke to her was unacceptable.

"Because of the way the conversation was handled, I was like, 'Honestly, I don't have time for it. So if he didn't ask me for [a divorce], I was going to. And so when he called me, I agreed," Jasmina revealed.

Michael couldn't believe one argument was enough to convince Jasmina to walk, but Kevin pointed out how Michael was just a friend to her -- and Jasmina didn't deny that.

Jasmina confirmed she and Michael had no spark, probably because she was "so turned off" by him during the first month of their marriage. She said a breakthrough didn't result in Jasmina wanting Michael in an intimate way, and Kevin said it seemed like Jasmina was never into Michael.

"Romantically? No," Jasmina agreed. "And I said that multiple times on-camera. If there's one thing I was honest about, it was my feelings, where I only saw him as a friend and I wasn't having feelings for him. I probably told him that a little bit too much."

Michael said he was "100 percent" in the friend zone from the start of their marriage, but Jasmina insisted she doesn't have a type and all of her ex-boyfriends look different. Jasmina also said Michael's personality and kind heart made her attracted to him at points.

Jasmina told Kevin that Michael also didn't make her feel like he wanted her.

"You can't romance somebody that doesn't want to be romanced," Michael claimed. "That's not something I want to do."

But Jasmina explained how she needed Michael to be more vocal and compliment her more. Jasmina said Michael could have used his words to turn her on without making a move physically.

Jasmina, however, was glad she and Michael could be in the same room without tension. Jasmina said Michael is a great, funny guy and a good friend.

When asked if they're dating again, Jasmina said she hadn't gotten to that point yet and wasn't worried about that. She believed what's meant to be will be for her but she's not entirely closed off from the idea of meeting somebody.

As for Michael, he said he's going to jump right back into the dating pool but he hadn't been on any dates up to that point. Michael revealed someone had piqued his interest and so he was starting to process and move on.

Michael and Jasmina joked about how Michael wasn't going to come to her for advice because he's got enough sisters and she's now his ex-wife.


Steve said he wished he handled the conversation in which Noi had expressed her love to him early on in the process a little differently, but Noi pointed out how Steve was the first person to actually flat out say, "I love you," and she thought it was pretty sweet.

"So you're both still happily married?" Kevin asked.

"About that, Kevin," Steve began, "of course we are!"

Noi has not changed her name to Noi Moy yet, but she said she's "getting there."

When asked if they're still living together, Noi revealed they had decided to move in together but Noi still kept her apartment just because it represents her independence.

They were sleeping together most nights, like six days a week, with some nights apart in Steve's apartment. Steve said he and Noi spent enough time together and so her sleeping away from him every now and then wasn't really a concern.

Steve assured Kevin that he had the security he needed from Noi and they were going to counseling sessions together as well as big family gatherings.

On the topic of Steve getting a full-time job, Steve apparently gave Noi a timetable for when he'd start applying for a job if they agreed that's what needed to happen.

Noi previously said $40,000 in Steve's bank account would make her feel more comfortable and she just wanted Steve to be comfortable and have savings if he was going to take time off from work.

Kevin flat out asked Steve what's in his bank account since he feels he can just "chill," but Steve wouldn't disclose a number. Steve said he had reassured Noi as a husband and provider and previously made an investment in crypto money, which clearly worked out for him.

Noi confirmed she finally felt comfortable with Steve's financial assets and fully trusts everything he's been telling her.

"Everything he has promised me, he has followed through with. So that's what gives me peace of mind now," Noi explained.

Noi said she'd still love to have three children, with the first coming within the next year, but she's a little flexible on the No. 3.

Steve said he can be condescending with his tone sometimes and needs to work on his delivery, and Noi acknowledged she could work on saying what she means.

"Marriage is something that you fight for, it's something you choose every day," Noi concluded. "I think we're just going to be enjoying each other and settling into married life and living an adventurous life together."


Lindsey said she felt really connected to Mark during their honeymoon and she was very proud to call him her husband. She said he really supported her and stood by her, which allowed her to trust him early on and be vulnerable.

Mark agreed they had an authentic and good chemistry from the beginning that "just clicked."

But Lindsey said she got two different sides of Mark once they continued their marriage after the honeymoon.

"The off-camera Mark is attached to his phone, really just being super pessimistic, and [then the on-camera guy] is Mark the Shark!" Lindsey claimed.

Mark disagreed and said he cut his phone usage a lot once he realized how much it bothered his wife. He said he kept his phone away as much as he could since it was "a trigger" for Lindsey.

"I said a lot of things that I wish I hadn't said... but let's give each other a little grace and learn from it," Lindsey shared.

Mark wished he had spoken up more in certain situations, but he said they came out "stronger and better" due to what they had gone through.

When asked why they chose to stay together on Decision Day if they had so many problems and were living in a toxic environment, Lindsey explained how Mike always supported her and she felt like they were a team, which is what she really wanted.

Mark also said he saw glimpses of "what it could be" during the last week of marriage with Lindsey, which was apparently great for them both. Mark didn't want to leave prematurely on the hope his marriage to Lindsey could become something really good.

"If I lose somebody who could potentially be really good for me, I can't go back and undo that," Mark explained.

When asked if they are still together and married, Lindsey replied, "Absolutely not. Absolutely not."

Kevin asked, "What happened?"

"Where should we begin?" Lindsey snapped with a laugh.

Mark said after Decision Day, they worked on the house together to get it ready and then they had a huge blowout fight in which "threats were made" and then their relationship spiraled.

"We made it through one month, more spiraling and fights happened, and then that was it," Mark explained. "It was way out of control, some of the worst arguments I've ever had in my life."

Lindsey said Mark was the one who pulled out and wasn't sure if they could be together long-term, which clearly upset Lindsey because she had given up her apartment to come and live with him.

The pair hired contractors and did floor work, and Lindsey said Mark essentially bailed on her before they could even finish unpacking the boxes. Mark allegedly threatened to change the locks and charge Lindsey rent, and she called him "crazy."

"I was just so shocked that he was so heartless and cold and rude to me after everything I had supported him through," Lindsey revealed.

Mark accused Lindsey of not telling stories accurately, correctly or in the right context. He said they fought every single week and she went for his throat in every single fight, which caused him to say, "I'm out!"

Mark said Lindsey got in his face and made "crazy threats" over something she had seen on his Instagram. She allegedly said something along the lines, "I will come for you and I will take this and this!"

Mark admitted he doesn't do well with confrontation because he had been picked on a lot as kid, and he said he'd put Lindsey "at the top" of his list of bullies for the way she had talked to and threatened him.

Kevin called Lindsey "a fire starter," and then she said Mark decided they needed to stay a family and not split up the cats and stay married forever.

"I didn't realize that he only meant that was for the seven days that I helped him refinish his three-family home," Lindsey complained.

"That's not even true," Mark argued.

But Lindsey believed Mark had been using her, and then she read some words she had written down.

Lindsey believed she had made Mark's life better by helping him with his home, getting him through the death of a cat, and pushing him into a new high-earning career opportunity -- but she felt Mark had brought nothing to her life or on the table.

Mark said Lindsey's explosive nature and her threats outweighed the pros and positives for him. Mark said they had a solid foundation but triggers just blew things up for them.

Lindsey accused Mark of being too focused on the opinions of others and said he's "too influenced" by his peers, which resulted in him not focusing enough on her and their relationship.

Lindsey revealed she had moved to a new apartment in San Francisco, CA, and accepted a new and fantastic job. She wanted to get away from the people who depended on her and said she values intellect and has "better picking for a man."

"He does not have intellect," Lindsey said of Mark. "I am really smart and really quick-witted, and I need a man who is intelligent."

Mark said those guys are typically introverted, but she also said they're strong and confident.

Lindsey said she met a man she liked who was generous and super smart, but Mark admitted he wasn't looking for a new partner just yet. Mark passed the firefighter test and was hoping to get on the department.

"I have no desire to have him in my life," Lindsey said when asked if she'll remain friends with Mark.

"That's fine," Mark said, before wishing Lindsey the best in California.


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