Married at First Sight featured Mark Maher pulling back from Lindsey Georgoulis after consummating their marriage and infuriating her, Jasmina Outar wanting out of her marriage after a fight with Michael Morency, Alyssa Ellman crying about Chris Collette, Olajuwon Dickerson revealing some shocking truths about his past, and two brides falling in love during the Season 14 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The five brides who were selected to wed on Season 14 of Married at First Sight are Alyssa, 30, Jasmina Outar, 29, Katina Goode, 29, Lindsey, 34, and Noi Phommasak, 33.

The five grooms who are starring on the new edition are Chris, 35, Michael, 28, Olajuwon, 29, Mark, 37, and Steve Moy, 38.


The couples matched by Married at First Sight experts Dr. Pepper Schwartz, Dr. Viviana Coles and Pastor Calvin Roberson are Lindsey and Mark, Alyssa and Chris, Jasmina and Michael, Katina and Olajuwon, and Noi and Steve.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began on Day 3 of marriage, with four couples waking up next to each other in San Juan, Puerto Rico and Chris and Alyssa navigating their honeymoon separately.

Alyssa planned to remain optimistic and look for the light at the end of the tunnel in her marriage to Chris, and Lindsey said her chemistry with Mark was "undeniable."

When Lindsey was asked if she and Mark had consummated their marriage, she giggled feverishly, showing that the answer was probably "yes." However, Lindsey said a woman doesn't kiss and tell, and so she didn't give any confirmation on that.

Mark admitted to Lindsey that he didn't want a repeat of her behavior on the plane given she had allegedly downed three bottles of wine with little food or water, and Lindsey said she didn't want to act that way again for Mark's sake.

Mark apparently attributed Lindsey's outburst and argument with Olajuwon at the airport to the alcohol.

Michael was then shown confessing to Jasmina how he felt a bit disconnected from her after their little tiff the night before and wished they were closer at this point in the experiment. Michael said he was afraid to not communicate enough or give his wife his all.

Jasmina could tell Michael immediately woke up with worries and concerns, and she told the cameras, "If he continues to get inside of his head when it comes to things like that, he will be the one who ruins this whole entire experience -- if he continues to think like that."

Jasmina didn't want her husband to always assume or think the worst in situations as to avoid being disappointed, but Michael pointed out how they were in a very unique and serious commitment and he just didn't want to mess it up.
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"I have a ring on my finger... I have to make the conscious decision every little minute to get to know you, and that's crucial," Michael said, adding, "Maybe I'm being a little negative, but I don't want to ruin this."

"You're going to ruin it if you keep overthinking it," Jasmina noted.

Meanwhile, Alyssa said she hoped she could figure out where this experiment was going to take her in regards to her relationship with Chris and she was wondering why and how this happened to her.

"Why me?" Alyssa lamented.

Chris seemed deflated waking up on his honeymoon alone and said in a confessional how Alyssa seemed to view disagreement as disrespect. Chris anticipated having differences and incompatibilities; he just didn't expect to discover them on the very first day.

"I haven't given up hope yet. I'm not happy, but I still think there's a chance," Chris shared.


Over in Steve and Noi's hotel room, the pair said they felt really comfortable around each other. Steve, however, said how he'd love to find a campground by the ocean, only for Noi to admit she doesn't like camping or being out on a campground.

Steve said going on adventures are a big part of his life and who he is, and he really wanted to share those kind of experiences with his wife.

Katina and Olajuwon also woke up on a high note, with Olajuwon gushing about how Katina smiled big at him every morning and he loved it. However, he apparently still needed to step up his cuddle game and Katina called him "a work in progress."

Katina also complained -- while maintaining a smile -- about how her husband tended to get really sweaty in the middle of the night and he needed to see a doctor to fix that.

On the third day of marriage, Mark and Lindsey made pina coladas together, and Lindsey was glad to see her husband could let loose and have fun. But she said she needed to "class him up a little bit" so he would no longer look like "Vinny the guido."

Mark then asked Lindsey about her dating history, and she said she had gone through a lineup of engineers, who all turned out to be "cheaters, liars and stealers." As for Mark, he met his first love after college but she got very emotional when drinking.

Mark recalled the woman falling out of love with him, and then he said another person he dated one year ago -- during COVID-19 -- had a boyfriend who gave her a hard time once he found out she was pregnant with his baby.

"I can't wrap my head around these situations and how guys could treat women that way," Mark said.

"It sounds like you're a people-pleaser and that you worry about everyone else except yourself," Lindsey said.

Mark agreed that the women he dated had such tough relationships before him that he kind of served as "a breath of fresh air" or emotional stability for them, and Lindsey could tell Mark has an innate drive to take care of others and he has a lot of honor and integrity.

Lindsey said she wanted to make sure Mark would be honoring his own needs, wants and desires with her, and she looked forward to loving and supporting him in his role.

That afternoon, Noi said she felt attracted to and emotionally bonded with Steve as they enjoyed a picnic on the grass with an ocean view. Steve agreed things were progressing quickly, but Noi's feelings were way ahead of her husband's.

"I've never dated anyone where I felt this connected to them this early on. I feel like I'm falling in love in the craziest way," Noi said in a confessional. "I definitely think that it's happening."


When Noi rejoined Steve after her brief interview, Noi shared with her husband, "One of my questions was am I falling in love with you? And I think that's slowly happening."

"Okay," Steve replied. "Well that's nice to hear, I think. We both agree we have strong feelings for each other at this point in time."

"Well I have strong feelings for you too then, I guess," Noi playfully snapped.

Steve asked Noi not to be offended by his response because having strong feelings for a person means a lot and the other couples probably weren't as far along as they were.

Meanwhile, Olajuwon took Katina to the gym and warned her their workout was going to be tough. Olajuwon instructed Katina how to do exercise after exercise, and sometimes he scolded her for doing things wrong.

Olajuwon told Katina to be high energy and "get real," pointing out how they were in his element and he wanted her "to respect this." At one point, Olajuwon told his wife that he would take his wedding ring off if he dropped a weight too early or gave up.

Katina told Olajuwon that she didn't like one exercise in particular, but Olajuwon said fitness is about improving oneself and not necessarily liking or enjoying the work that goes into it.

"Calm down," Katina complained in a confessional. "My husband has a strong personality. If I would've dated someone like him in my twenties, I would've cried. So it could be a little bit of an issue."

Chris and Alyssa were then shown doing an activity together by going paddleboarding. Chris hoped to keep their dynamic lighthearted, and the pair actually had fun.

Alyssa didn't want to have drama on the date, and she had a few laughs at Chris' expense as he struggled to stay on his board. Chris determined that Alyssa is fun-loving and really cool, and so he apologized to his wife for allowing her to think otherwise.

"I just want to come off as united, because no matter the way we feel, the experts just didn't do this right," Alyssa told Chris. "And that's what I'm upset about."

Alyssa shared with Chris how she had seen a psychic, who apparently talked to Alyssa about her ideal partner's looks and how she was probably going to end up with a man with very pretty eyes and an eagle tattoo.

Chris laughed at the story and said that he put no value in the psychic's words or prediction. Chris also pointed out how he had no desire to get an eagle tattoo.

Over a couple of pineapple cocktails later that day, Michael insisted to Jasmina that he was giving his 100 percent to their relationship and that's why he was overthinking things -- so he wouldn't make the same mistakes he had made in past relationships.

Michael revealed how he had lost his brother at age six, followed by his father, mother, grandmother and friends. Michael said these losses made him view the world as if something bad is always going to happen, but Jasmina advised him to live in the moment and not take a single one for granted.


"Don't get me wrong, I'm a happy person. But I think it's a coping mechanism," Michael said, before telling the cameras how he grew into "a lone wolf" and would process things on his own.

Jasmina continued to worry that Michael's way of handling and processing things could hold them back and eventually ruin their marriage.

Later on, the group got together for a catamaran ride on the ocean. Lindsey had apparently sent Olajuwon an apology note online before reuniting with him, and so Olajuwon planned to keep the drama behind him and just have fun.

While on the boat, Olajuwon asked if anyone had consummated their marriage, and once again, Lindsey laughed out loud and smiled big.

"I'll let my wife answer that," Mark said.

And then Michael explained, "We haven't. We haven't yet. It's only been, what? Three days since we got married?"

"I'm just someone that wants to have an emotional connection with somebody first," Jasmina added.

"Yeah," Michael agreed.

Noi had asked Steve to keep their intimacy between the two of them, which Alyssa called respectful, and Olajuwon and Katina confirmed they hadn't had sex yet -- and neither did Alyssa and Chris, obviously.

When the women had a moment alone together on the boat, the men also got together on the beach.

Steve shared with the guys how Noi had expressed she was falling in love with him already, which he confessed scared him since their wedding had only taken place a few days ago.

Olajuwon revealed how he had intentionally pushed his wife at the gym so she would speak up and call him out. He said one particular exercise bothered Katina and he was happy to hear her say that she didn't like it or want to do it.

Olajuwon hoped to have a lifelong commitment with Katina, and so he didn't want her to hide her true feelings or just go with the flow.

Lindsey then shared how she had no complaints about Mark and how he's probably her "perfect match" and they balance each other so well, even though she never would have picked him out in a bar.

"He's the perfect man for me. I was like, 'I love him! He's The One!' And that's it," Lindsey gushed.

Mark told the guys how he'd be willing to "reel" Lindsey in once or twice, but at some point, she would have to check herself and just stop behaving that way. Mark also admitted Lindsey's energy was "a lot" for him, although he wouldn't say whether she could tire him out.


Lindsey and Katina proceeded to get into a little tiff on the boat. Lindsey explained how she felt "triggered" by Olajuwon at the airport because their dynamic had reminded her of an unhealthy relationship in her past, but Katina snapped how Lindsey had triggered herself.

Although Olajuwon had asked Katina to drop the beef, Katina told Lindsey that she's 35 years old and shouldn't cast her issues on other people when she has liquor in her system. Katina also said Olajuwon had reacted to Lindsey in a certain manner because she had been "jabbing and poking" him like a five year old.

"And when you have a reaction, you play victim so much -- and you are a manipulative person," Katina said.

"That's really rude," Lindsey responded.

"I don't care if that's rude or not, because you're rude," Katina said. "I think you have kindness in you but you do a lot of sneaky and weird stuff on the side."

Lindsey said everyone on the show would see her true self, and Katina complained about how she wasn't talking about a show. Katina ultimately walked away from the conversation and Alyssa followed her.

Jasmina explained to Lindsey how not everybody could handle her being at "100" all the time, but Lindsey felt hurt Katina had allegedly tried to invalidate her past experience and try to deter her from opening up and being vulnerable, which she believes shows courage.

"At the end of the day, if a house is on fire, don't throw gasoline," Mark said after hearing from his wife.

After a day of fun on the water, the group played "Never Have I Ever," and Steve and Noi both revealed they had cheated on someone before. Noi didn't like hearing that about her husband.

And then Olajuwon shared how he had a threesome before and also once hooked up with a mother and daughter.

While he never hooked up with the mother and daughter at the same time, Olajuwon bragged, "I once picked them up at a train station and they both knew!... It's not disturbing, it was a beautiful experience."

Olajuwon also asked the men if they'd be interested in their spouses bringing another woman into the bedroom, and everyone said "no" except for Olajuwon, who commented, "If you offered me another woman? Why not!... Whatever you're cool with, I'm cool with."

Katina admitted she was tired of hearing about "Isaac" and his past wild ways and stories.

That night over a romantic dinner, Noi shared with her husband how she wasn't expecting or pleased with Steve's response to her profession of love, but Steve explained how he wanted to wait to say those three words until he could get to know his wife better and truly mean them.

Steve and Noi also learned how they both had cheated on a partner when they were teenagers, around 18 years old, and they both regretted how it affected and hurt their former partners. Steve and Noi claimed they had grown from those mistakes and would never do that again.

On Day 4 of marriage, Jasmina vented in a confessional about how Michael copped an attitude with her, claiming she had cut him off when he was explaining that they hadn't had sex yet.

"He was telling me that I did, he was there, and if he says this happened, then that happened and I need to apologize," Jasmina recalled.

"I'm not going to apologize if I feel in my heart I did not do that. I can only apologize for how something made you feel, and he's not trying to hear it."

Jasmina added, "I feel in this moment he's being very aggressive with his words. I don't appreciate his tone. It's disrespectful, it's rude, it's loud."

Jasmina admitted she was very annoyed, upset, hurt and "every f-cking thing."

"I don't tolerate disrespect -- at all," Jasmina said. "Why would I want to be with somebody that doesn't know how to have a civil conversation? That is not how you start off a relationship."

Jasmina concluded that she was "not feeling him," adding, "I don't want to be in this marriage. I don't even want to be in the same room with this man, honestly."

Katina and Olajuwon were then shown going out to lunch, and Olajuwon appreciated how Katina had defended him on the boat with Lindsey earlier that day. He said the fact Katina would rush to his defense proved that he had married "the right woman."

Olajuwon also assured Katina that he was happily married and only wanted her and was perfectly fine with her being against inviting another woman into their bedroom.

Katina explained how threesomes can become sloppy and messy and she wasn't for that, and so Olajuwon promised, "You are my everything. You are my other half... I realize I have never been so vulnerable because I've never been with the right person. You are my queen and I even deleted my Instagram for you."

Olajuwon told the cameras that he truly wanted to get to know his wife on the inside and learn her body language and everything about her before rushing into the sexual part of their romance.

Olajuwon wanted to treat Katina right and go about things differently than he would have in the past.

Meanwhile, Chris went "snubadiving" alone, and Alyssa watched him get ready.

"I do think this is the first time I've seen Chris with his shirt off. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings and so I am very careful about the words that I use, but I don't think Chris is my type physically and I think that's okay to say," Alyssa shared in a confessional.

As Chris enjoyed himself underwater, Alyssa vented to a producer about how she was fighting with her mother. Alyssa's mother worried her daughter was going to come across poorly on TV, but Alyssa thought she was being "the nicest person" to everyone.

"Everyone else has someone else. Everyone else is getting along perfectly, or if they're not, they're having a good time," Alyssa lamented.

"And I'm stuck here. It's f-cking raining and I don't want to go swimming with him. I am not f-cking happy!"

After Steve and Noi were shown kissing and flirting in a pool, Noi asked how much Steve liked her on a scale from 1-10, and he made her laugh by saying, "It's somewhere in between 50 and 100."

Noi gushed about how Steve was her second chance to fall in love again, and she seemed so grateful to the show's experts for having matched her with him. Noi, in fact, said she was "overwhelmed by emotions."

Over a romantic dinner that night, Jasmina complained to Michael about their argument from earlier. Michael said, "I'm sorry you felt that way," isn't a real apology, but Jasmina said she wasn't going to apologize for something she's not really sorry for.

Jasmina didn't feel she had cut Michael off at all, and so Michael ended up saying that he would genuinely accept her apology since Jasmina didn't feel guilty for what he had accused her of doing.

Jasmina, however, was still upset about Michael's "aggressive" approach to their fight and how he had demanded a certain apology, and so Michael apologized for that and insisted he had never wanted to come across as condescending or abrasive.

"I'm working on that, and that's something I'll make sure I will nip in the bud immediately when we get back to Boston," Michael noted.

While Mark and Lindsey were at dinner, Mark also appeared stressed. Mark explained how he and Lindsey had a lot in common but her fights with other people were affecting their opportunities to just bond and get to know each other better.

"It's like I can't breathe. I'm just trying to digest it," Mark said, adding how he didn't want to rush things.

"I want to go slow in the process... I want it to flow organically."

Drama had apparently affected Mark's mood and things were sometimes chaotic, and it seemed Mark was talking about wanting to slow down the physical aspect of their relationship without coming right out and saying they had sex.

Lindsey pointed out how Mark had initiated the intimacy to begin with, and she said, "I can pull back, but I pull way back. I pull all the way back. There is no in between for me."

Lindsey called Mark out for farting in bed and clogging their toilet, and so she said if he wanted things to go slowly and to have a little more romance, then she didn't need to see any of that.

Lindsey said Mark was giving her "full frontal you -- chewing with your mouth open, farting with the door open. If you're telling me you want to get to know each other less and slow down, then take that note for yourself as well. I'm matching you."

Lindsey found herself frustrated and mad, saying she never would have consummated her marriage if Mark felt that way.

Mark just didn't want Lindsey to operate with the highest of energy all the time, but she was clearly offended and stormed away from the dinner table.

"There is zero romance and I am ready for bed," Lindsey told her husband.

Lindsey scolded Mark for wanting to change the nature of their relationship when they had already jumped in head-first, but Mark was trying to explain how there was a lot happening around them and he just needed to process things.

Lindsey sarcastically thanked Mark for a romantic dinner and said Mark had "really screwed up." Lindsey didn't want to talk to Mark or work things out, and she called him "a stupid idiot" for not knowing better how his words would affect their future.

Olajuwon then surprised Katina, his "guardian angel," with a room decorated with rose petals and candles. Olajuwon promised to be honest and truthful and protect his wife.

Katina said Olajuwon was so sweet and thoughtful and treated her very nicely, and she determined that Olajuwon was meant for her and she was already "falling in love."

"This is everything I dreamed of," Katina cried after Olajuwon rubbed her feet and called her his queen. "I wish every woman could feel what I'm feeling right now. I just feel happy. I'm not in love yet, but this definitely helps!"


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