Married at First Sight featured Alexis admitting she wasn't ready to be married to Justin and Justin taking his wedding ring off, Krysten and Mitch pumping the brakes on their sex life, Stacia Karcher giving Nate Barnes total control for one day, and Lindy Elloway and Miguel Santiago taking on a new challenge during the Season 15 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The five brides from San Diego who were selected to wed on Season 15 of Married at First Sight were Lindy, a 29-year-old doctor of physical therapy; Krysten, a 32-year-old sales representative; Alexis, a 29-year-old logistics specialist; Stacia, a 37-year-old accountant; and Morgan, a 27-year-old registered nurse.

The five grooms starring on the new MAFS edition are Miguel, a 35-year-old associate medical director; Mitch, a 41-year-old environmental policy advocate; Justin, a 33-year-old digital marketing specialist; Nate, a 34-year-old day trader; and Binh, a 29-year-old engineer.


Married at First Sight experts Pepper and Pastor Calvin Roberson matched Lindy and Miguel, Krysten and Mitch, Alexis and Justin, Stacia and Nate, and Morgan and Binh.

After meeting at the altar, the couples spend a total of eight weeks together, from the wedding and honeymoon to moving in together and navigating the joys and struggles of daily life together.

And at the end of the experiment, Married at First Sight's five Season 15 couples will reach "Decision Day" and have to decide whether to remain married or decide to end their marriages and divorce.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began with 18 days to go until Decision Day. It had been five weeks of marriage, with three left to go, and the couples were tasked with going deeper in terms of intimacy in their marriage.

Mitch admitted to his friend he had been too humorous or comedic in the bedroom and Krysten called him out on it, which made him feel insecure and put him in a box a little bit.

Mitch wanted to feel like himself in the bedroom, but Mitch's friend advised him to put a little effort into changing because sex can be serious and he should show Krysten that he's attached to her. Mitch realized he could probably be playful without going overboard.

Dr. Pia Hole returned to meet with the couples and hopefully help them deal with any intimacy problems they were having. Nate asked Stacia to articulate how or why she was having trouble trusting him, because he felt they were only at 80 percent.

Nate wanted Stacia to define her trust issue or else he'd become "frustrated." Stacia said she takes someone's word at face value until she can fact check it and it's a personal issue rather than one about Nate.

Dr. Pia suggested Stacia relates trust to control, and the expert advised Stacia and Nate to do an activity in which Stacia must totally relinquish control and trust Nate to guide her and take care of things.
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Stacia recognized she could depend on her his husband and allow him to lead sometimes, but she admitted letting go of control was going to be "a hard thing to do." She told Nate that she'd be willing to "take baby steps" in that area.

Meanwhile, Alexis complained that Justin wasn't letting her have a couple of hours each weekend with her friends. Alexis said she only went out once a week and came home at a reasonable time, but Justin admitted that was an issue for him and there needed to be "a balance" because she seemed to go out a lot.

"You're not going to smother me... It feels very much like that," Alexis said.

Justin disagreed that he was smothering his wife, and he told Dr. Pia that Alexis was acting like a single woman. Alexis said she didn't always go to the club; sometimes she went to dinner or brunch with her friends.

Dr. Pia pointed out how life changes once a person gets married, but Alexis said she didn't think it had to be her "husband's way or the highway." Justin allegedly told Alexis at the beginning of the marriage that she could feel free and do what makes her happy and brings her joy.


"I'm telling him this is what brings me joy, spending time with my friends. So for me to be without someone else for those two hours, I feel that's a bit controlling and manipulative," Alexis shared.

"So that is an overwhelming and frustrating situation. I can't commit to at this point -- and if this is a dealbreaker, I am sorry -- I cannot commit to being with somebody 24/7. I need some of that independence back.

Dr. Pia said it seemed like Justin's issue was her going out every weekend, not the fact she likes to hang out with her friends. Alexis said, however, Justin had confused her because he said he'd like the alone time and chilling at home by himself one of those weekends. Alexis suggested she didn't know it bothered Justin until she asked him.

When asked if she felt ready to be married, Alexis said "yes." But when asked if she felt ready to be married to Justin in particular, Alexis replied, "I don't know. I don't think so."

Justin said he wasn't trying to be an option and really wanted their marriage. He said Alexis is a catch but he's a catch too, adding how he had been willing to add Alexis as his beneficiary.

Alexis said she stayed in the marriage no matter what Justin had thrown at her and put so much effort in, but Dr. Pia pointed out how Justin had made sacrifices as well, such as getting rid of his beloved dog Maya for biting Alexis' dog.

But Alexis confessed she was exhausted, and Justin acknowledged how he and his wife were in a destructive, repetitive power. The pair also hadn't consummated their marriage yet, and Alexis simply said this conversation was overbearing and not conducive to her mental health at this time.

Dr. Pia asked Alexis how her mental health was suffering in the moment, and Alexis explained that she felt "isolated, alone, unheard and dismissed" by both Dr. Pia and Justin. Alexis said the fact hanging out with her friends for two hours every week makes her "an unfit wife" was "obscene." Dr. Pia said they never called her an "unfit wife."

Justin then shared how it really hurt his feelings to hear that Alexis wasn't ready to be married to him. Alexis apologized, genuinely, but Justin took his wedding ring off because of that comment.

Alexis said she was just trying to tell her truth, and Dr. Pia said Justin taking his ring off also probably hurt Alexis. Alexis told Justin that she'd continue to try but she's not sure if she'd be okay with status quo for the rest of her life.

"Actions speak louder than words," Justin said when asked if he believed Alexis was going to try.

Justin said he didn't want to have to force Alexis to spend time with him and her friends clearly came first to her. But Alexis said she never had the opportunity to choose being with Justin over going out -- because he never asked her to stay home. Dr. Pia could tell Justin was avoiding being direct with his wife in fear of rejection.

The experts then sent Lindy and Miguel an intimacy exercise given they already had great communication and trust as well as a physical connection. The couple was given a fake baby to take care of, and Miguel was looking forward to testing out parenting with his wife. Lindy also wanted to test the limits of intimacy and challenge her husband.


Lindy suggested they should try chocolate covered strawberries in the bedroom, and Miguel said he was "down." Lindy also took a body shot off Miguel, and Miguel said they were very comfortable around each other and what they had was "real." He apparently felt safe with Lindy.

When Dr. Pia met with Mitch and Krysten with 17 days to go until Decision Day, they said they felt like they had really good trust. Mitch said they had each other's back, and Dr. Pia could tell they had a strong foundation.

The expert therefore asked the couple to dig deeper by playing a game in which they asked each other questions, such as, "Who is your hero and why?"

Krysten said her hero is her mother, and Mitch challenged her, asking if that was her childhood hero. The question brought Krysten to tears because she just wanted her husband to say, "That sounds amazing," rather than put her on the defense.

Krysten explained how she was being vulnerable and her only sensitive subject is her family, and Mitch apologized and said it was never his intent to question her mom. When asked what their future child will be like, Krysten said he or she will get a rule follower and a rebel.

Mitch then revealed how he and Krysten had put the brakes on their sex life for a few weeks because of his comments in the bedroom. Krysten said Mitch is very funny but she was tired of his nervous jokes during sex, since the encounter shouldn't be funny in any way.

Mitch explained how he finds humor in the world and sex is naturally awkward but people treat it like it needs to be perfect. Krysten said she wanted sex to match their emotional intimacy.

Mitch wanted the "Mitch last week" to come back considering he had been vulnerable, open and sweet with her. She needed more from him in order to feel comfortable being intimate again.

Later on, Lindy and Miguel liked seeing each other as parents, and Lindy said she was excited to start a family in the near future. The couple struggled a little bit to stop their baby from crying, but they enjoyed some laughs along the way.

With 16 days to go until Decision Day, each couple was given a bowl of questions to ask each other ranging from where they like to be kissed and whether they like routine or spontaneity in the bedroom -- to sharing the toughest experience they've ever had to overcome in life.

Mitch shared with Krysten how he had tried to start a business, sunscreen in non-plastic packaging, that was a failure and put him into a depression.

Krysten revealed her favorite sexual position is doggy style, and Mitch said he liked that one too because it's a "good ending position" for him. All of these conversations were getting the pair back on track.

Dr. Pia then met with Morgan and Binh. Morgan immediately got emotional, saying she had asked for a partner and best friend but had been "in defense mode" throughout the whole experience. Morgan felt Binh attacked her character, mainly behind her back, and that really hurt her.

"Even if it's his fault, he'll say half truths just to make sure people still accept him and like him, and I have to defend myself because people only hear what Binh tells them," Morgan cried.

Dr. Pia said it sounded like Binh was being "vindictive" by purposely sharing untruths about his wife, and Binh explained that he was scared to confront Morgan directly because she has the same temperament as his father, who was always hard on Binh, allegedly.

"It triggers me," Binh shared.

Binh said he wanted to be called out in a calm manner with constructive criticism, and Morgan acknowledged she could have provided a safer space for Binh to share things with her. But since Binh started the behavior she didn't like on Day 1, she's not sure how she could've handled things differently.

Binh admitted he had the tendency to run away from conflict, and Morgan was still waiting for a genuine apology -- which she claimed she would accept. Binh said he felt guilty, and Morgan wanted to hear that Binh truly understood the weight and repercussions of his actions.

"I think if we don't stay together, it would be devastating. I have a lot of things to work on," Binh noted.

When Alexis and Justin went through their bowl of questions, Alexis said she sometimes questioned if she really knew Justin and if he'd support her at all times and have her back. The news frustrated Justin, who thought he was giving the marriage his all.

With 15 days to go until Decision Day, Krysten and Mitch explored each other's bodies while one person was blindfolded at a time. It was a way to be intimate and physical without the pressure of sex and performance, and Krysten said it was exactly what they needed.

"I think there could be a balance in the bedroom, and I'm feeling like I am on the verge of being comfortable to get physical again," Krysten told the cameras.

Meanwhile, Nate tied Stacia up in a cabin and blindfolded her. Stacia entered her marriage with trust issues from past relationships, and so this was something she had never done before.

When Nate asked Stacia to open her mouth, she got a little freaked out -- but he just squeezed some whipped cream in her mouth. Nate then put himself under a blanket and got "real freaky," before putting Stacia in a swing.

Over at Alexis and Justin's place, Alexis attempted to salvage her marriage by doing an activity the experts had given her to be sexy and vulnerable. Alexis strived to have a romantic and sexy night with cocktails, and she even did a pole dance for Justin in their apartment.

Alexis wanted Justin to know that she wanted him, desired him, and really cared about him. And Justin, in turn, told his wife that he appreciated her but felt he was No. 2 behind her friends or her dog.

While Alexis was blindfolded, Justin got everything off his chest.

"I genuinely feel like I don't think you are ready to be married," Justin said.

"I'm frustrated with you that you haven't asked me how I feel or how I felt regarding Maya. If the tables were turned [with Maya and Newton], I don't think, I feel, that you would've made the same decision that I made, and we want different thing."

Justin concluded, "I'll definitely say I've been questioning our marriage now. My love still hasn't changed for you... I am just cautious as f-ck now."

Justin then put on a blindfold and Alexis said she's a good woman who was thankful for him -- the good times and bad. She said she appreciated Justin's wonderful family and wanted to be a good wife.

Alexis told the cameras that she didn't want to attack Justin since he was in a good mood, but she noted, "If this man don't think I'm ready to be married, maybe that's not the man I should be married to."

Alexis chose silence after the exercise, pointing out how sometimes it's better to say nothing. And Justin could seemingly tell something was off with his wife.

Later on, the Married at First Sight brides met at the beach while the grooms got together to play basketball.

Lindy gushed about how it was really cute to watch Miguel with the baby but the baby was "on demon mode" essentially crying every two hours. She was appreciative Miguel had stepped up to the plate to take care of the baby during early-morning hours.

Morgan told the women how she was desperate to receive an emotional response from Binh, and Morgan said Binh just wasn't "capable" or on the same level as Morgan when it comes to emotional maturity.

Binh admitted to the men he found Morgan's strength and maturity intimidating, but the guys wanted to see him succeed because "he's a good guy," according to Mitch, who didn't think everything was Binh's fault.

Mitch then said he was having a hard time with some of the long-term planning, like imagining himself with Krysten for the rest of his life.

"But I'm cool with saying, 'This is going well and I'm enjoying myself and we're vibing.' I'm happy to say 'yes' on Decision Day if we both feel that way. But she has said in the past if there's no 'I love you' -- she's very specific with her demands [in which she'd] say 'no,'" Mitch explained.

Krysten told the ladies how it wasn't the marriage she had imagined but Mitch is a good man who meant well. Lindy thought Krysten and Mitch's marriage was a roller coaster.

Alexis said she missed her super fun relationships filled with passion in the past and Justin was very sensitive and defensive. She didn't understand how he felt at times.

Nate then told the cameras how Alexis was causing problems in other people's marriages by snitching, and Justin told the men how he didn't think Alexis was attracted to her. Justin said he tried to initiate sex multiple times but Alexis would just "sit there" and "not reciprocate the energy."

Nate asked Justin if he still wanted to be married to Alexis, and he replied, "I don't know."

The episode ended with Justin and Alexis fighting in their apartment. Alexis cried about how every day was "so f-cking hard" with Justin, and she felt like she had ruined her marriage by making that comment about not being ready to be married to Dr. Pia.

Justin admitted he "got loud" with his wife but had been honest and direct with her the whole time. Alexis was apparently hurt by what Justin had told her when she was blindsided.

"I don't want my wife going to the club every f-cking weekend... go bowling!" Justin lamented to one of Alexis' friends.

Justin questioned whether he and Alexis were compatible, and he shared with Alexis how they struggled with intimacy. He wondered why things had been so great on the honeymoon and changed once they moved back to San Diego.

"I have to force you to want to... just f-cking want me. If it's the weekend, I get parts of you... Sometimes I want you the whole weekend," Justin said.

"I have friends and I like to hang out with them. That's it," Alexis countered, adding how they had two different perspectives on what "a single lifestyle" is.

Alexis said she never pictured marriage being like this and she thought it was going to be more fun, with the spouses being teammates.

"We're just different. Where do we go from here?" Justin asked. 


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