Married at First Sight's new special featured Haley Harris and Jacob Harder finalizing their divorce and Jacob dating again, Paige Banks going on a blind date, Clara Berghaus and Ryan Oubre planning their big vow renewal, Briana Myles and Vincent Morales house hunting, and Virginia Coombs and Erik Lake experiencing growing pains when it aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

Dubbed Married at First Sight: Where are They Now?, the special was filmed four months after the Season 12 couples had taped their "Decision Day" episode that concluded with three couples staying married: Clara and Ryan, Briana and Vincent, and Virginia and Erik.


Haley and Jacob chose to divorce on "Decision Day," and Paige and Chris Williams chose to do the same until they briefly reconciled after the show. 

However, Chris and Paige revealed on the reunion special they had ended their relationship for good.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began with Clara, Briana and Haley meeting up for lunch. Briana revealed Vincent's lease was up in two months and she was tired of living in a one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

Briana and Vincent weren't exactly seeing eye to eye because Briana wanted to stay in the city while Vincent hoped to buy a bigger home in the suburbs.

Clara also shared she and Ryan were planning their vow renewal -- "or more like a big party" -- for about 150 guests on New Year's Eve 2022. Clara said she had found her dream dress but it was really expensive, $3,500.

Clara said she and Ryan were going to invite all eight of their fellow Married at First Sight participants, and Clara hoped Haley and Jacob wouldn't have a blowout fight at their wedding. The girls also predicted Chris wouldn't show up to the wedding event.

Chris, however, was apparently on good terms with Ryan and occasionally spoke to Vincent.

Haley wouldn't say she and Jacob were friendly or amicable after their tense and "hostile" reunion appearance in which they fought multiple times and accused each other of lying, but she promised Clara that she could be in the same room with Jacob and be fine.

"This week we are signing the papers, the divorce papers. I think it's equally exciting for the both of us," Haley told the girls.

She then shared with the cameras, "I don't think I should be this excited to get divorced. I never thought this was going to be in the cards for me and it was never what I wanted, but just to put all of this behind me I think it what is most exciting."
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Six months into marriage, Briana and Vincent were officially house hunting. The pair found a house that boasted everything they wanted, including four bedrooms -- one for a child down the road -- but Briana pointed out she'd have a 40-minute commute to work.

When looking at one home, Vincent and Briana learned their rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the city of Atlanta would be the same as their mortgage for a big house in the suburbs. Briana explained it was the perfect home but not the perfect location because her sites are in the city.

The couple also discussed their timeline for things. Vincent hoped to be moved into their first home within a year and travel, and then have a child.

Vincent said he wants three children, and Briana revealed she'd like to have four, which surprised Vincent a little bit. But overall, Vincent and Briana were on the same page about what they want in life.

Meanwhile, Paige met up with her memorable bridesmaid Nancy, who had stood up to Chris on his wedding day.

Nancy told Paige that Chris didn't respect her as a person or as a human being. She recalled that after Chris apologized to Paige, her parents and to the public, all of that apparent change just "went right out the window."

"Most importantly, right after the reunion, you know what I did? I got that number changed," Paige shared. "So there will be no access to me outside of my lawyer, to get these papers signed."

Nancy said she looked forward to planning Paige's divorce party, and Paige was preparing for a blind date. A Paige friend wanted to hook her up with a friend who had been keeping up with Married at First Sight and liked what he had seen of Paige on television.

Paige admitted she was a little hesitant to date a fan but she was ready to open her heart again.

"In terms of compatibility, we seem to hit it off in that realm... He could really be a nice and genuine guy, and he knows what I look like, so he can't play the 'I'm not your type' kind of card," Paige explained to her pal. "His name is Styles and he's a realtor, which is dope."


Paige, who was feeling many different emotions, intended to move slowly in the relationship and not ignore any red flags she might see.

As for Virginia and Erik, they were enjoying marriage but also going through normal marital issues, such as living together with pets. Virginia ultimately succumbed to moving into Eric's apartment, but Virginia's friends advised Erik not to change her or else they'd both be unhappy.

Virginia shared her pet peeve of Erik not folding laundry, and Erik explained how Virginia loved to leave dirty dishes in the sink without being rinsed out first.

Erik also said Rocky appeared to have ADHD and had "put a strain" on their marriage.

"Every marriage is different; you just have to adjust to each other," Erik noted, before footage showed Erik and Virginia taking Rocky to a dog trainer for some help.

The episode then showed Haley and Jacob signing their divorce papers, with Haley gushing, "We are officially divorced! I am so happy to be done -- could not be happier, to be honest!"

Jacob toasted Haley with their glasses to "freedom," and Haley told Jacob she was also happy to be done with it.

Haley, however, said she didn't want there to be any animosity between them going forward. While Jacob clearly didn't want to fight, he was still angry over Haley saying he had been checked out of their marriage since Day 1 and didn't try or make an effort.

Jacob said they could be civil in front of the group but keep moving on, and Haley pointed out how they just have different communication styles and weren't compatible at the end of the day.


Haley apologized for "the low blow" and acknowledged she and Jacob had "some good times," which he seemed to disagree with. Jacob was just looking forward to his date later in the week, and he told Haley at the end of their conversation, "I am not looking to be chummy."

Once Jacob was newly-divorced, he had a blind date set up through a friend with a woman named Susane. Erik met up with him at a flower shop so Jacob could put together a nice first-date bouquet.

And Paige met Styles at a wine room where they enjoyed a wine tasting.

Paige felt relieved because she thought Styles was friendly and a little shy with "a good head on his shoulders." Paige proceeded with a "cautiously optimistic" attitude, and Styles gushed about how she looked beautiful.

"I'm not going to let this one terrible situation define my desires for marriage or family," Paige shared with Styles.

"To be honest, it took a lot of convincing for me to come today. I was having second thoughts just because I've been through a lot... [It was] a traumatic situation."

Paige explained how she had become more careful about the type of energy she welcomes into her life because she had handled a lot of negativity and dishonesty in her relationship with Chris.

It had been a year since Styles' last relationship, saying they didn't have great communication and fought a lot.

At the end of the "great" date, Paige called Styles "adorable," and she loved how he was enamored with his dog Rue. Chris also said he'd like to have a house with a dog and two children.

Meanwhile, Clara and Ryan were shown shopping for a wedding venue, and Clara was so excited for her and Ryan to meet each other's extended family. The couple also sat down and discussed a budget.

Clara suggested she could make her own dress and the centerpieces to save money, and Ryan seemed okay with paying the biggest chunk of the event since he makes more money than Clara. The couple became very good at compromising and listening to each other's perspective.

Jacob wore a nice dress shirt Haley had purchased for him while they were married, but he admitted he and Haley never developed a connection or any chemistry.


Jacob thought Susane was "drop-dead gorgeous," and the pair enjoyed a nice meal at his home with his three dogs sprawled out. Jacob brought up his nerdy "knights and wizards" role-playing game and interest in comic-book movies, which seemed to turn Susane off -- until she apparently loved a game Jacob owned.

Susane thought Jacob was "really cute." She was "really digging the beard" and said she was "feeling it" with the reality TV star. She even liked the neon lights in his house!

Jacob and Susane's date ended with the pair in his hot tub enjoying a couple drinks. Jacob hoped to find a woman with whom he could settle down, and Jacob was optimistic this could be his first date of many.

For Haley's part, she said she was feeling good after her meeting with Jacob and the paper-signing process was easier than she thought it was going to be. Haley said she learned a lot about herself and what she wants in a partner in the future, like someone who is outgoing and matches her energy as well as her speed.

Haley also learned she was going to be a bridesmaid once more for her best friend Lauren.

Lauren told Haley that she's "a diamond in the rough" and there's no one like her and she deserves a love that will be so fulfilling.

The episode ended with the five Season 12 Married at First Sight brides getting together for dinner while four grooms -- excluding Chris -- also got together for drinks at a bar.

Jacob revealed to the guys he and Susane "hit it off" and were going to see each other again, but Jacob wouldn't kiss and tell on-camera. Jacob felt his romance with Susane had the potential to become a serious relationship.

Clara told Haley that she had a single guy friend for her, and Haley was excited to "get back out there" and find someone "more suitable" for her.

Paige revealed to the girls how she and Styles had planned a second date and she was also excited for things to come.

And finally, Briana said she loves kids and really wants to have them soon but would be willing to wait one year to start trying, and Clara confirmed she and Ryan wouldn't be ready for a child any time soon.

Erik and Virginia were also figuring out when they could try to get pregnant because Erik still wants to be a father badly. Virginia said Erik, however, was very respectful of her need to wait a little bit and travel first.

"If we can get through this, we can get through anything," Virginia noted of her marriage to Erik.


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