Married at First Sight's Season 14 "Decision Day" featured all four remaining couples choosing to stay married, after which Steve Moy got down on one knee, Michael Morency and Jasmina Outar decided not to move in together, Mark Maher gifted Lindsey Georgoulis keys to a house, and Olajuwon Dickerson and Katina Goode consummated their marriage during the finale episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The five brides who were selected to wed on Season 14 of Married at First Sight were Alyssa Ellman, 30, Katina, 29, Jasmina, 29, Lindsey, 34, and Noi, 33.

The five grooms were Chris Collette, 35, Olajuwon, 29, Michael, 28, Mark, 37, and Steve, 38.


The couples who were matched by Married at First Sight experts Dr. Viviana Coles, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Pastor Calvin Roberson were Lindsey and Mark, Alyssa and Chris, Jasmina and Michael, Katina and Olajuwon, and Noi and Steve.

Chris and Alyssa, however, chose to divorce one week into the experiment, and so other than a bowling night with their co-stars, they hadn't been featured on the show until this Decision Day episode.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began with the couples getting ready for "Decision Day" after an extreme eight-week experiment and feeling the nerves of such a huge pending decision about the future.

Michael said when he first saw Jasmina, he thought she was "breathtaking" and definitely turned out to be the woman he had asked the experts for -- someone who is "intelligent and the epitome of a strong Black woman."

"When she laughs, it makes my heart smile," Michael gushed.

"Jasmina is beautiful and sophisticated, but she is opinionated. The beginning of our marriage was rocky. I felt helpless when things weren't working out, but the moment I let go is when the magic happened. We started connecting in ways I never thought would happen before."

Although Michael and Jasmina's marriage took a turn for the best in the last few weeks of marriage, "the worst" still scared him.

Jasmina shared how she admired Michael and how loyal, humble and kind he is. She complimented his "heart of gold" and noted how he'd always be there for her and is super silly. Jasmina said Michael also made her realize she must listen before she speaks, and she pointed out how he had really shown up for their marriage.

However, Jasmina pointed out how Michael had a lack of accountability when it came to truths and mistakes, and she said sometimes when they were alone, their communication struggled and it was Michael's way or the highway.
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"While I do enjoy spending time with Michael, I'm not in a place where I have romantic feelings yet. I see Michael as my laughing partner and my friend, but I don't know if I see him as my husband," Jasmina explained.

Michael told the cameras he had done everything possible to make his marriage work, and then he and Jasmina met with the experts for a sitdown chat.

Michael admitted the romantic aspect of his marriage, meaning intimacy and affection, was "at a standstill," and he questioned, "Am I working on a friendship or am I working on a marriage with my wife?"

Jasmina said the physical comes off an emotional connection for her and there were two times during the process when she was upset and felt disconnected enough to want a divorce.

"I have this fear that maybe I won't get there romantically with him, but we hold hands... and he did cuddle me the other day. He touched my booty and I told him the next morning," Jasmina revealed.


Michael insisted he was asleep, and Jasmina admitted that when it happened, she didn't think, "Oh hell no," which she acknowledged was "a step in the right direction" for their relationship.

Michael told his wife that he wasn't sure if Jasmina wanted him to touch her in a sexual way and that's why he hadn't, intentionally, up to that point. Michael had been holding off on making a move in case Jasmina would be uncomfortable with it.

Jasmina opened up to Michael about how they had come a very long way and towards the beginning of their marriage, she didn't even want to be around him.

"But at the end of the day, I feel I don't know you enough. So, I want to get to know you more and stay married," Jasmina announced.

Michael tried to hold back his smile as he declared his verdict. Michael said they both had done everything they could in this marriage and it terrified him if they could never get to an intimate place.

"But I'm not ready to walk away from this marriage," Michael noted. "I feel like if we remove all of the cameras, move all of the extraness that this situation puts us in, I feel like... [our marriage] would be further along. Yes. Yes, I want to stay married to you."

Jasmina joked that if Michael said "no" to her, she was going to flip the table. She couldn't wait to work on their connection without having other people around most of the time.

"This is our new Day 1. This is the real start of our marriage," Michael said.

Before the experts met with Olajuwon and Katina, Pastor Cal pointed out how married people can travel and go to school, adding how the couple needed to compromise or else their marriage wouldn't work.

But Viviana called it "a power play" on Olajuwon's part, saying he had set an expectation for Katina and was testing her.

"And if she passes it, he finds something else -- another hoop for her to jump [through]. I feel like that's going to get old for her and then she's either going to be feeling stuck or she's going to have to run," Viviana announced.

Up to this point, Olajuwon and Katina got along beautifully for the most part, but Olajuwon wasn't sure Katina could have a child, focus on school, and travel and have fun with him all at once.

Katina said she and Olajuwon spoke their own language and she liked how he's big on family, attentive, thoughtful, and pushed her out of her comfort zone.

"I told the experts I didn't want a passive man, but I think I got more than I bargained for," Katina confessed.

"Olajuwon doesn't think I can go to school and be a wife, but I know what I am capable of. I can do it all. If Olajuwon doesn't believe that, then maybe he's not the man for me. But at the end of the day, Olajuwon is a good man and he has a really big heart."

Olajuwon thought Katina was beautiful at first glance and noted how they had an easy, natural chemistry. However, he wanted a traditional wife, someone who enjoys -- and is good at -- cooking and cleaning for her husband and kids.


Olajuwon said Katina was getting better but she wasn't fully there yet. He also wondered if Katina would make him a priority with her other goals and could make him happy every single day.

Katina told the cameras she and Olajuwon had differences in life that could end up being a dealbreaker for one or both of them, but then she shared with the experts how Olajuwon played a huge role in her growth that season.

The old dating app on Katina's phone was the toughest time in their marriage, but Olajuwon said that incident showed "everything can be fixed" for the most part. Olajuwon said their connection was real and beautiful but they had yet to consummate their marriage.

Olajuwon insisted not having sex made their marriage stronger because when he sleeps with a woman he barely knows, he stops caring about getting to know that person on a deep level. Olajuwon said he wanted to meet Katina on a spiritual and mental level and care for her before touching her.

"If we say 'yes,' then I'm sure next time you guys see me, I'll be like, 'Hey! [We had sex]!" Katina said with a laugh.

Katina confirmed she wouldn't compromise on her education and wouldn't be able to travel with Olajuwon twice a month like he had hoped for. However, Katina said she wasn't "pressed" to have a baby in two years and would be willing to wait longer if that's what she and Olajuwon wanted at that time.

Olajuwon then admitted not having a wife who cooks would be a huge sacrifice for him because "Katina doesn't have that skill... She can't cook."

Olajuwon actually called Katina's last meal "inedible," which shocked Katina and she clearly didn't agree with. Olajuwon said when he makes his mind up, that's it -- and he and Katina just weren't meeting at the moment, even though he respected Katina and that sounded harsh.

Katina said she wanted a 50/50 relationship in which she doesn't have to cook every day, and Olajuwon pointed out how he's more traditional than he thought he was.

It then became time for the big decision, and Katina said their different timelines were not a dealbreaker for her, adding, "I want to stay married to you because I feel like our marriage needs more time than just the eight weeks."

In turn, Olajuwon confessed he had asked the experts for a woman who's more established in life and that's why he would say "no" that day.

"But I will say this: I love our chemistry, I love who you are as a person, I love to be around you, and your effort is what made me overlook all those things. My dad always told me, 'You don't always need to know what's next for you, sometimes you need to live in the moment and enjoy the people around you,'" Olajuwon shared.

Olajuwon felt his father had chosen Katina for him, and he revealed how it was his dad's birthday that day.

"There's no way I could ignore your effort. I would rather have a girl who doesn't have anything but will try to be everything than to be with somebody who has everything and doesn't show any effort," Olajuwon explained.

"My respect level is so high for you, it's like, why would I walk away... Why would I let you walk away? So, it means a lot to me to say that I would love to continue my marriage with you."


Katina said everything just felt "right," and Olajuwon couldn't wait to take their marriage to the next level.

Steve and Noi were up next, and Steve said he loved his wife for so many reasons, including her playful, bubbly and fun-loving personality. He called her laugh infectious and said she's beautiful and he felt proud to be her husband.

Steve said Noi wore her emotions on her sleeve and showed her feelings all over her face, but he wondered if Noi thought he wasn't good enough for her, mainly due to finances and his lack of desire to work a full-time job.

"I'm tired of having to prove myself," Steve confessed.

Noi shared how Steve is a dreamer, adventurer and free spirit, and she admired how Steve wants to live life on his own terms and helps to bring out her inner child. Noi loved watching him interact with her dog Sushi and how Steve was willing to sing and dance with her.

But Noi didn't want to be the sole breadwinner in her marriage, and she questioned if Steve would ever trust her with his emotions and secrets unconditionally. She also didn't appreciate Steve asking her to do more chores around the house when he wasn't working a job.

When Steve and Noi reunited in front of the experts, Steve gifted Noi hot pink roses, and Noi acknowledged how it was difficult to be away from Steve leading up to that moment. The pair had a great last few weeks and seemed to be thoroughly enjoying each other's company.

Noi thanked Steve for looking after her and making her feel comforted and cared for during challenging times. She even broke down into tears over the idea of feeling "safe" with her husband, which was a feeling she had been missing in prior relationships.

Noi apparently didn't feel judged or criticized by her husband, but she also said they still had things to work on.

In fact, the couple gently bickered about Steve cooking and cleaning and wanting Noi to contribute more. Steve wanted to be able to freely ask Noi for help, and Noi asked her husband to freely give and do things without wanting attention or praise in return.

"If this is how it is now, what happens when we have children and there are more tasks at hand? It feels like I will be responsible for taking a significant load," Steve said.

"You just have to trust that where I can pick up the slack, I will," Noi responded. "And also, do that for me, especially since you're still not working."

Steve said he's sure of himself and what he's capable of, and he wished Noi would give him the benefit of the doubt. Pastor Cal even said he believed in Steve and the fact he could take things to "stratospheric heights."

Steve then revealed his final decision and said he loved talking about his goals and dreams with Noi and what their future is going to look like, without ever feeling judged.


"It makes me feel really special and I can't think of anyone else I'd rather do this with -- build a family with and have arguably three children with, maybe two or three, hopefully, but yes. My answer is absolutely yes," Steve gushed.

In reply, Noi said they still had some trust issues and Steve was still learning how to do that.

"But you at least trust me enough to take the next step, so I would love to stay married with you," Noi announced. "In a very short amount of time, you have taught me what it means to be vulnerable and you have opened up a part of me that has been dormant for so long."

Noi said she could be her true self around Steve and he seemed to love and accept her for all that she is. Noi couldn't deny the strong foundation she and Steve had already built together, and the experts gushed about how the couple looked at each other.

"I hope you always look at each other like that!" Viviana exclaimed.

Lindsey and Mark's Decision Day was next, and the experts thought they're an excellent match despite the bumps in the road they had hit along the way.

Mark said Lindsey is "one of a kind" and her laugh is infectious but could also scare a person to death. He shared how Lindsey always thought about him first and is kind, genuine, honest and outspoken.

"I wish Lindsey was more empathetic towards me. Sometimes I feel like a punching bag in this marriage," Mark explained. "I'd rather be alone than fight with someone every single day."

Meanwhile, Lindsey said she knew why the experts had matched her with Mark and she appreciated Mark's sense of humor, how he made her laugh, and how kind and caring he is. She also predicted Mark would be a great, supportive and nurturing father.

"But I wish Mark would show how he appreciates me more," Lindsey lamented. "Mark's worse habit is his social-media use. I can't get his attention for five seconds."

Following a roller-coaster experiment, Mark said he and Lindsey had a great two weeks. However, Lindsey said she only had one great week with Mark at the end.

Mark praised Lindsey for finally understanding and embracing what he likes to eat, but Lindsey complained about how she doesn't envision Mark traveling the world with her. She said Mark wants a house and picket fence while living moment to moment, while she craves a life plan.

Lindsey said Mark's social-media use drove her insane and it's "immature" to post selfies with filters. Lindsey also called Mark out for sending "doomsday" messages about how Lindsey's "a lot."

"What you say about me, I will never not know. Let's just be very clear about that. Whatever you say about me on social media will 100 percent end up in my hands, and I think that's something you need to consider moving forward," Lindsey angrily told Mark.

Mark said he didn't want Lindsey to control him, but Lindsey said she just wanted Mark to think about his next steps and make the right decisions on his own. She wanted to feel secure and safe in the marriage.

Mark explained how networking is important to him, but Lindsey believes social media is just about getting attention from others.

Mark revealed his decision about their marriage first, saying Lindsey had pushed him.

"I don't think I would've grown as much in eight weeks had you not been selected as my wife," Mark told Lindsey. "And I think that you're worth it to say 'yes' and continue and see where life takes us together. So my answer is 'yes' and I want to stay married."

Mark said they had figured out how to navigate difficult times, and then Lindsey explained how Mark was not the husband she had envisioned or everything she had asked the experts for but he's "everything" she needs.

Lindsey believed she and Mark had "a meeting of the minds" and they could grow old together, and so she pressed a button that said, "Yes, yes, yes, yes!"

The four happy couples were then shown moving out of the Boston apartments Married at First Sight had provided for them, and Olajuwon called his relationship "a fairytale."

Noi also told Steve that she wanted to live in the same place with him, especially if they were going to welcome a child in a year or so.

"Oh wow! So you see the benefits of living together?!... You've come a long way in these past few weeks," Steve said with a smile.

"I really have! Aren't you proud of me?!" Noi asked.

"Yeah! Good job," Steve noted.

Noi and Steve planned to travel and maybe have another dog, and Noi concluded about her social-media activity, "I will post but I'll ask my husband if he's okay with it [first]."

Michael and Jasmina determined that they wouldn't move into the same place together immediately. Michael, however, had hope his marriage would flourish once cameras went away, and Jasmina said she was really looking forward to the future.

As for Lindsey and Mark, Mark gave Lindsey a set of keys to their new place. They were going to restore and fix up his grandmother's house, and the couple planned to take this project on together.

All five Married at First Sight couples -- including Chris and Alyssa -- then met up together for cocktails and celebration. Each couple revealed its decision to each other, and Chris announced in front of Alyssa how he was dating again.

Katina and Olajuwon announced they had finally consummated their marriage, and Katina said it was "well worth the wait." Olajuwon also said they had sex right after Decision Day and it was "beautiful and great."

In front of everyone, Steve gave Noi a Ring Pop, which is something he had done at the start of the process.

And then he surprised her with a second ring, a more traditional engagement ring, which made Noi break down into tears -- to the point where Lindsey accused her of an "ugly cry."

"I wanted to ask you if you'd be my adventure buddy, my Sushi partner, and my partner in life," Steve asked down on one knee.

After Noi needed a moment to compose herself, she said, "What?! I get two rings?! It's so beautiful. Oh my God, yeah."

Lindsey announced, "That's how to do it. Cheers!"

Married at First Sight will air its reunion special next Wednesday night on Lifetime.


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