Married at First Sight: Couples Cam featured Ashley Petta surprising Anthony D'Amico with the big news she's pregnant with their second child, Deonna McNeill officially throwing away her birth control to try for a baby with Gregory Okotie, and Jessica Studer announcing her COVID-19 ICU unit was closing before going on an actual date with Austin Hurd at a public bar during Thursday night's episode on Lifetime.

Similar to TLC's 90 Day Fiance: Self-Quarantined series, Married at First Sight: Couples Cam features raw, self-shot footage updating viewers on the current lives of former Married at First Sight couples from the show's first ten seasons.


The couples' domestic lives are documented in real time and shared via mounted cameras, Diary Cams and virtual group chats.

The couples featured on Married at First Sight: Couples Cam are Season 1 couple Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner, Season 5 couple Ashley and Anthony, Season 6 couple Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre, Season 7 couple Danielle Bergman and Bobby Dodd, Season 8 couple AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen, Season 8 couple Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar, Season 9 couple Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson, Season 9 couple Greg and Deonna, and Season 10 couple Jessica and Austin Hurd.

Those nine Married at First Sight couples are all still married, and four of them have started families.

Below is the latest on each couple based on Episode 8 of Married at First Sight: Couples Cam.

Jamie and Doug

Doug in Central New Jersey said his daughter Henley Grace only slept for about an hour before she woke up to ask for more milk, and Jamie was feeding their son Hendrix in the meantime. It was clear the parents of two were exhausted.

Both of Doug's parents tested negative for coronavirus so he and Jamie planned to visit them soon with the kids for a fun reunion.

Later on, Doug discovered he and Jamie had mice in the glovebox of their car. They apparently created a nest in a diaper, and Jamie refused to drive to Doug's parents' home until Doug could get the mice of their car.

Doug was pretty grossed out, but he said he was going to put himself "in the line of fire to protect [his] family."

"Am I a hero? It's not up to me to decide," Doug said, before hilarious footage aired of Doug trying to remove everything from the glove compartment with a trash bag.

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However, once Doug removed all the contents, he didn't see any mice -- so he believed they must have booked it beforehand.

It had been four months since Doug's parents hugged and kissed Henley, and they hadn't even held Hendrix yet.

Doug said it was going to be "an emotional visit" because keeping his children away from their grandparents had been "extremely painful."

After Jamie and Doug parked the car at Doug's parents' home, Henley ran over to her grandmother, who was crying with joy. Doug's parents also got to hold Hendrix, and everyone was ecstatic.

"This pandemic has affected so many people in so many different ways, and now, finally being able to get together like a normal family, it does bring some hope back. And I am just so grateful for this moment," Doug gushed.

Doug repeated how he was just "so happy" to be reunited with his parents.

Jessica and Austin

Jessica revealed the number of COVID-19 cases was "down" in Washington, D.C. and there were fewer cases in her COVID unit at the hospital.

The couple was therefore looking to "venture out," but Elizabeth warned Jessica and Austin that the same thing happened in San Francisco before and then there was another spike.

"We closed the COVID-19 ICU surge unit we had opened," Jessica revealed.

"So that was real exciting. It's good news because that means the numbers in D.C. are going down and we don't need to have the extra surg unit open. I don't know, I have all different types of emotions about it. I'm happy and excited that it's closed. I'm really happy the numbers are down. But also, that became my new normal."


Jessica had been working in the COVID ICU unit every day for long hours to the point where she cried from being so tired.

On Day 106 of quarantine, Jessica explained treating patients with coronavirus had lasted for three months and just "flew by" for her. There were multiple times they were short-staffed and Jessica was working long hours.

Jessica's work experience taught her never to take things for granted and for people to appreciate everything they have.

Austin said he was "so relieved" the situation with COVID-19 seemed to be "improving," and he was glad to have his wife around the house more. Jessica agreed she wanted to enjoy being married and have some fun.

Austin suggested to Jessica they should go out to a bar for a drink -- for the first time in months -- to make up for some lost time.

The couple, however, agreed to take caution and wear their masks, and Jessica suggested they should sit on a patio and bring their dog Rex along for the outing.

Jess and Austin then made their way to a beer garden with hand sanitizer in check. Jessica was so excited to go on a date with her husband and just get out of the house, and they sat at a picnic table and enjoyed some beer as well as chips and salsa.

The pair laughed about how the beers were "crisp" and "refreshing," paying tribute to Austin's champagne "commercial" on their wedding day that made Jessica laugh after their wedding.

Greg and Deonna

Deonna in Charlotte, NC, announced to the other Married at First Sight: Couples Cam couples that she and Greg were officially trying for a baby, and Greg joked they were in "the fun part" of the process.

Deonna had a surprise for Greg and handed him her last pack of birth control. Deonna said it was a huge step for them for Deonna to stop birth control because she had been on it for so long.

Deonna worried about her acne returning and told the cameras, "I don't think Greg fully understands how serious of a step this is and what we could be walking into."


Deonna explained to her husband her body would have to readjust after getting off birth control and her hormone cycle would need to regulate again. Deonna basically lectured Greg on how her body might change and that things could go "haywire."

"So if we have sex tomorrow, does that mean you're going to get pregnant?" Greg asked.

"No," Deonna replied with a laugh. "It doesn't mean we're going to get pregnant just because we have sex tomorrow."

Deonna didn't think they were quite ready to throw away the birth control, so she planned to have a second conversation with Greg later on.

Deonna figured Greg was "lost" during her birth control conversation with him, so she decided to give him a class on the female anatomy. Deonna taught Greg "how babies are made," from drawing female parts on a whiteboard to explaining how the sperm meets the egg during ovulation.

Deonna even drew a "football play" to try to make it more interesting and easier for Greg to understand. Greg said the football analogy worked and he got a better picture of what they needed to do, which was get off birth control and have sex during ovulation.

"This makes me want to drink," Greg joked.

Deonna and Greg then had a ceremonial throwing away of the birth control, and Deonna noted there was "no going back" and they should go and "make babies."

Ashley and Anthony

Ashley in Chicago, IL, said she had a surprise waiting for Anthony, a surprise that she had been keeping a secret for a full 48 hours.

Anthony therefore asked Ashley questions trying to figure out what it could be, including, "Do I have to get in shape for this?"

Anthony was hoping for a trip somewhere since they had been essentially stuck in the house for three months, but he was excited about whatever the surprise might be.

When Ashley wasn't around, Anthony searched the house for his surprise, noting that he was well aware of some of Ashley's "hiding spots." Anthony wondered if Ashley had bought him a new golf club or golfballs, and he couldn't curb his curiosity.

However, Anthony came up empty and decided to give the search a rest for a while.

Ashley couldn't believe she was able to keep the secret for so long, and she tried to teach Mila how to say "surprise."

Ashley then had Mila run up to Anthony, and Mila was wearing a shirt that read "Big Sister" on it!

Anthony appeared totally shocked and said, "Hey, what does your shirt say?! Big sister?! Big sister?!"

Anthony looked at Ashley and exclaimed, "Are you kidding me?! You're pregnant?!"

"Yeah," Ashley replied.

"You are?!" Anthony joyfully shouted.

"I am," Ashley responded.

"Is this real?!" Anthony asked.

"Yeah," Ashley replied.

Anthony then raised Mila in the air and yelled, "Mila, you're going to be a big sister! You're going to be a big sister!"

Anthony smothered his daughter in kisses and then asked Ashley for "a family hug."

Anthony told the cameras, "I was way off on what I was thinking the surprise could be, and this was the best surprise I ever could've gotten. I can't believe it!"

Danielle and Bobby

Danielle in Fort Worth, TX, said she was craving Mexican food all the time since she's pregnant, and so Bobby took his wife through the Taco Bell drive thru -- for the seventh time!

Danielle just wanted a bean burrito more than anything, and Bobby joked he was going to turn into a taco. Danielle ended up ordering a lot more than just a burrito, including tacos and chips with cheese.

Later on, Danielle craved Mexican again for breakfast, but Bobby said he was now on a diet.

Danielle asked Bobby to help her stay on a healthy diet for the remainder of her pregnancy, but that didn't mean she was ready to give up her breakfast burritos.

Danielle thanked Bobby for supporting her cravings and being there for her, and Bobby acknowledged he was married to a woman who "can't gain weight."

Danielle was starting to worry she was feeding her baby too much junk food, so Bobby whipped up some flaxseed muffins for his wife for breakfast. She was depending on him to get her nutrition back on track.

"I know it's not fast food, but it's a step in the right direction," Bobby told his wife.

Danielle wasn't thrilled with the result but thanked Bobby for helping and said she appreciated the effort.

Elizabeth and Jamie

Elizabeth and Jamie drove to Pacifica Beach, CA, for a fun day in the sun and sand. The couple had a romantic picnic on the beach with champagne, and Elizabeth pointed out being close to the beach was one of the positives of living in California.

Elizabeth, however, missed home and said it was "a struggle" to be far from her family and friends at home. Elizabeth felt "closed off" in her apartment with Jamie, and Jamie agreed it was a hard transition for the couple since COVID hit the U.S.

"We moved out here for Jamie's job and to start a new life, but with everything going on, it's becoming a little bit harder to remember why we came out here," Elizabeth explained.

"I just need to put my hands around my family and hug them so tight because this is some bullsh-t."

Jamie admitted he was homesick as well but didn't think it was safe for them to travel any time soon. Elizabeth joked with Jamie that they could move in with her father.

While Jamie was out running errands, Elizabeth decided to make Jamie a nice meal of southern food. She was hoping the meal would inspire Jamie to "go to the Carolinas" with her so they could see their families.

Elizabeth apparently made ribs, macaroni and cheese, and biscuits with honey. She waited patiently for her husband to return home, and Jamie was thrilled to come home to a delicious meal. However, Jamie saw right through Elizabeth's plan.

"Obviously she's trying to manipulate a trip home out of me to go back and see our families, but you know what? I'm just going to enjoy this food right now," Jamie told the cameras.

Jamie ultimately told Elizabeth that he didn't feel safe to travel just yet, and Elizabeth playfully agreed to give up and stop begging. Elizabeth seemed to respect Jamie's opinion on the matter.

In attempt to remind Elizabeth how cool California is, Jamie decided to make Elizabeth some "special progressive brownies." Jamie wanted to remind Elizabeth they couldn't make these brownies in North Carolina.

Elizabeth and Jamie appeared to laugh and have some fun, but Elizabeth said she didn't care about North Carolina being more "traditional" -- she just wanted to see their families.

"What if we get sick?" Jamie asked his wife.

"I am sick! Homesick!" Elizabeth replied.


Shawniece and Jephte

Jephte complained his cereal was gone and he loved eating his cereal, and Shawniece blamed it on their daughter Laura, who had been eating it.

"It's not about the cereal; it's about the principle," Jephte joked.

Jephte later discussed how being quarantined at home was harder than their two-week experiment of getting married at first sight. The couple were around each other all the time, and Jephte realized getting mad over cereal meant they had some issues to hash out.

Shawniece wanted Jephte to appreciate all the cooking and cleaning she did around the house, and Jephte assured his wife that he was grateful for everything she did for their family.

"We are two different people," Shawniece noted, although the pair were still on good terms.


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