Married at First Sight: Australia featured David taking off his wedding ring and giving up on his marriage after discovering two dealbreakers with Hayley, Tash refusing to share a hotel room with Amanda due to a lack of attraction, and Cathy and Josh preparing to take their steamy romance to the next level during Wednesday night's episode on Lifetime.

Season 7 of Married at First Sight: Australia -- which premiered in Australia in February and aired it's finale Down Under in April -- stars 12 couples, including one same-sex couple, Tash and Amanda.


The matchmaking experts for Season 7 of Married at First Sight: Australia are John Aiken, Mel Schiling, and Dr. Trisha Stafford, who matched the couples for 10 weeks of married life.

Like the American version of Married at First Sight, Married at First Sight: Australia features couples getting "married" to a stranger, going on honeymoons, and then moving in together and attempting to form a new life together.

But unlike the American version, the Australian couples "marry" at a commitment ceremony and then participate in subsequent regular commitment ceremonies in which each partner must decide whether they want to continue with the relationship or end it. The Australian couples also do not get married legally.

Wednesday night's broadcast featured the following couples: Tash, a 31-year-old bartender, and Amanda, a 34-year-old strength coach; Natasha, a 26-year-old financial analyst, and Mikey, a 28-year-old operations manager; Hayley, a 32-year-old finance broker, and David, a 31-year-old truck driver; Vanessa, a 31-year-old pharmacy manager, and Chris, a 37-year-old youth worker; Poppy, a 38-year-old photographer and single mom of two-year-old twins, and Luke, a 38-year-old maintenance supervisor; and Josh, a 28-year-old truck driver, and Cathy, a 26-year-old logistics investigator.

The Married at First Sight: Australia broadcast began with the show's first six couples waking up after their wedding night and heading to different honeymoon locations.

Amanda, who arrived in Strength Coach with Tash, said she was looking forward to many romantic days and evenings ahead, and she apparently just wanted to lounge by the pool.

"I'm definitely attracted to her. I have an amazing wife. F-ck she's hot," Amanda gushed.

"Attraction is so important. I can only imagine she's feeling the same feelings I'm feeling right now... I want the full shebang. I want us to fall down a hill in love together... The chemistry is really easy between us."

But on the contrary, Tash was having doubts and admittedly felt "a little bit anxious" and "a little bit uncomfortable." She expected her honeymoon to be romantic and sexy.

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Tash said while Amanda was funny and made her laugh, she didn't feel a spark.

"She doesn't need to change anything. She just needs to be her. I'm not feeling it," Tash admitted. "I feel guilty because I want it to be there so bad. It's really hard. It's really hard."

Natasha and Mikey honeymooned in the Snowy Mountains, and the pair went rappelling. Mikey admitted he was out of his comfort zone, but at the same time, he was ready to "take the leap" for his new wife.

Mikey said his biggest fear was that Natasha would have no real substance, and he acknowledged he was already seeing "faults." Mikey said he wanted a sustainable romance that would last forever.

While Mikey thought he and Natasha were totally opposites, he could envision themselves building a strong foundation and connection.

Meanwhile, in Singapore, Hayley and David soaked up the local culture and cuisine. David said he was having a fantastic time exploring the beautiful country with his new wife, and Hayley also appeared to have fun.

However, Hayley had yet to reveal to David she was a drug addict for many years, which ultimately shaped the women she is today. Hayley had overcome a lot of adversity and challenges, and she just hoped David would accept her for who she is.

"I hope he can handle what I'm going to tell him," Hayley told the cameras.

Hayley then sat down with David and explained structure, routine and discipline is so important to her because she had been a drug addict for many years of her life. Hayley revealed she had abused substances for eight to 10 years of her life and used the substances as a coping mechanism.

"Obviously I'm rehabilitated and I've got focus and determination. Drugs don't defy me as a person," Hayley told her husband.

David told the cameras he was glad Hayley told him because he didn't want to have any secrets in their relationship.

He said the news didn't phase him at all because Hayley abused drugs five years ago and wasn't the same person anymore. David viewed Hayley's past as being in the past.


Poppy and Luke were enjoying their honeymoon in Hunter Valley. The couple planned to go up in a hot air balloon, but Poppy confessed to being very afraid of heights.

Poppy intended to make the most of it, conquer her fears and carry that same mentality through the experiment, and Luke was simply excited and giddy about the activity.

While floating in the air, Poppy found it peaceful and Luke gushed the experience was "insane."

"We were matched for a reason; we are a strong match," Poppy gushed, as she giggled with Luke in the air.

"We are actually developing a friendship. I feel like if we keep getting along, something can grow, so I don't know what the future will hold. I really don't, but it's pretty excited."

Over at Daydream Island, Amanda couldn't wait to relax, get a tan and watch the sunset, but she waited over an hour for Tash to meet her at the pool. Tash said she needed some time to herself because she wasn't attracted to Amanda.

"She's such a good person. It makes me feel awful," Tash admitted.

As for Cathy and Josh, they were getting to know each other better in Daylesford, where they unwinded with a spa day.

Cathy said she and Josh had great banter with a lot of laughter, but she was hoping for more romance -- cuddling and kissing -- between them. Cathy thought her "raunchy bikini" would do the trip and inspire Josh to step it up a notch.

"Holy sh-t!" Josh reacted.

"She looks like an absolute bloody dream, I'm telling you. I thought she was attractive when I first met her, and I can't imagine it going any better. We get along and she's funny. She's actually a fridge and I'm a magnet. I'll tell you, I'm definitely not letting this one go."

Cathy joked her secret weapon had worked its magic and she had more weapons to show him later on.


Meanwhile, Amanda noticed and felt a complete shift in Tash's energy, saying Tash was far less affectionate. Over a bottle of champagne that evening, Tash said she felt a lot of pressure as well as mixed emotions.

Amanda suggested Tash was being "hot and cold," saying she needed consistency in a relationship. Amanda told Tash they needed to give their relationship 100 percent or nothing at all.

"I think you need to give me some answers here. Just be brutally honest -- are you not attracted to me?" Amanda bluntly asked.

"I don't feel overwhelming chemistry. I really don't," Tash replied.

Tash insisted her lack of attraction didn't have anything to do with Amanda's looks because she's beautiful and they had an amazing wedding day, but she confessed to not feeling any chemistry.

Tash told Amanda that she genuinely cared about her but they didn't have chemistry. Amanda cried, saying she had put a lot on the line to go on the show and such news was "deflating as f-ck."

Tash said she felt disappointed in herself and was confused, and Amanda bawled her eyes out at the table. Amanda didn't understand how Tash felt chemistry at their wedding but then lost it the very next day, and she became frustrated.

Amanda suggested they should hang out during the day but sleep in separate rooms at night.

Tash didn't imagine her honeymoon playing out this way, and tension was in the air. Tash gave Amanda some space to process everything, and Tash said in a confessional they were both "shut down."

As for Vanessa and Chris in Hervey Bay, Chris was behaving like a gentleman and wanted to develop a bond and spark before being intimate. Chris decided to surprise Vanessa with a seaplane ride, and he wanted to prove to his new wife that she could trust him.

But while in the air, the couple was not cuddling or kissing. Vanessa was scared and felt she was sabotaging their relationship due to her "insecurities and imperfections."


Vanessa said she wanted a long-term relationship with Chris but feared he wasn't attracted to her. Chris also surprised Vanessa with a picnic on what appeared to be a private beach.

Chris told his wife they were "awkward but natural" and had similar values and a sense of humor. Chris flat out told Vanessa, "I am attracted to you," and she giggled and blushed. Vanessa was on Cloud 9.

About 24 hours after David learned of Hayley's prior drug use, their initial connection was apparently dulled once Hayley learned how much money her husband makes as a truck driver.

"After dinner, we were talking about money a little bit, and I was just so taken back by the fact she had made derogatory comments towards my hourly wage," David said in a confessional. "I know she realizes how much that hurt me."

Hayley apparently told her husband that his $25 per-hour wage "wasn't going to cut it." David told his wife that he was happy with his job, but Hayley explained she didn't want to live paycheck by paycheck.

Hayley said she never wants to be in a situation where she has to worry about having a roof over her head, but she noted she has her own money and David didn't understand where she was coming from.

"I'm not the type of girl that would ever put someone down. To be honest with you, the fact he brought it up at this point, he's really pissed me off," Hayley complained.

After hearing about Natasha's daily beauty regimen, Mikey began worrying their lifestyles were too drastically different.

Mikey didn't want to be with "a high-maintenance princess" who is "all about material things in life." He wanted to know the vulnerable and open side of Natasha, saying he hadn't seen that yet.

The couple therefore went skiing together, and Natasha was wondering if Mikey was man enough or alpha enough for her. Although she considered Mikey to be a sweetheart, she admitted he's not normally the type of man she dates.

"I'm attracted to confidence, but I haven't really seen that side of him. I can tell he's feeling on edge with me a little bit at the moment," Natasha said.

"I'm definitely a bit of an alpha female so I understand the threat, but I'm worried he won't be able to keep up with me going forward."


Natasha said she's a quick learner and so she hoped Mikey would take the lead with skiing, and then Mikey shocked her with his skills on the slopes. She said it was "hot" watching him ski and go over jumps.

Natasha got a little competitive, but it was clear Mikey took the cake on this one. Mikey's confidence came out, and Natasha said that was a win in her mind.

Meanwhile, Amanda slept in a separate room from Tash and had a chance to reflect on things. Amanda determined Tash just "freaked out a little bit" and so she decided they should take things slow and have a laugh. Amanda wanted to build a friendship without pushing romance.

Amanda asked Tash at breakfast whether she'd be okay with her moving back into the same hotel room, but Tash admitted that "blurred the lines of friendship and intimacy" for her.

"I just don't feel comfortable sleeping in a bed together yet," Tash said.

"I'd be happy to sleep on the couch, but you don't even want me there. That's what it feels like," Amanda vented.

Tash was feeling pressure, but Amanda didn't think Tash was trying to make it work.

"I'm feeling chemistry and I'm willing to try!" Amanda shouted. "There's no fight in you! You don't care!"

"Because I don't feel anything to fight for," Tash said.

"Well you know what? We're wasting our f-cking time. If we're done, we're done. If we're already have issues now, what are you going to be like in the real world when sh-t gets hard?!" Amanda complained.

Vanessa acknowledged if her relationship didn't work, it would be because of herself and not because of Chris. She therefore tried to get out of her comfort zone and make a move by holding Chris' hand while they walked along the beach.

Vanessa said she was pretty happy with Chris as her husband for sure, adding, "He's what I've been trying to get but couldn't find."


That night, Chris and Vanessa kissed on a boat while watching the sunset.

Mikey and Natasha's honeymoon ended on a high note, with Natasha saying Mikey had blown her away on their honeymoon. And Josh and Cathy snuggled in a tub with rose petals and champagne.

Josh gushed about how he "couldn't get enough" of his wife, and Cathy said she was feeling butterflies. Cathy said it had been a while since she felt this way.

"Tonight could be the night! If he says, 'I want to have sex,' then I would be there," Cathy said in a confessional. "I think he's up for it."

But David and Hayley were trying to make a fresh start and rekindle their connection. They drank wine as the sun was setting, and David said he was in a better mood -- as was Hayley.

The experts then gave Hayley and David "the honeymoon box," allowing them an opportunity to really get to know and listen to each other. The experts wanted to implement effective communication.

The couple was getting along great, but David was clearly still hurting over Hayley's comment. Hayley asked David to reveal something a person has never said to him, and he replied, "I've never been told that I'm short."

But Hayley asked David to go past the superficial, and so he answered, "You asked for it. I've never had anybody before comment on my hourly wage."

Hayley accused David of initiating the conversation, and Hayley denied ever saying his $25 per-hour wage wouldn't cut it for her. Hayley said she came from a place of poverty and so what David earned meant nothing to him, as long as he was trying.

"That's not what you said at all," David argued, before complaining to the cameras Hayley wouldn't take ownership of what she had said. "That's why I was so cold yesterday. I was cut so deep that those words came out of your mouth."

Hayley said it was going to be difficult to be open and honest with him if he's going to react that way. David also said a dealbreaker for him is a woman who smokes and he had seen Hayley smoke a few times.

Hayley admitted she was honest on her application that she smokes occasionally and so that was the fault of the experts, but she asked Chris if he could look past that.

David told Hayley it surprised him that she continued to smoke after he revealed it was a dealbreaker for him, but Hayley clearly had no intention of stopping and told David they had initially agreed not to try to change each other.

Hayley dubbed herself a social smoker, saying she only had one cigarette that day and she typically likes to smoke after a night of drinking.

"I've had like three cigarettes since I've met you," Hayley insisted.

"But you had four or five cigarettes at dinner the other night," David disagreed.

Hayley then said, "Whatever will be, will be. I don't give a f-ck." She called David's complaint "nonsense" and stormed out.

"I've never met someone so inconsiderate in my entire life, and I'm actually at the point where if I was handed a ticket to the airport, I would run to the airport until my feet bled. I would sprint," David said in a confessional.

David told a producer to get him a different hotel room.

"I'm a sensitive guy who wears his heart on his sleeve. It's so frustrating that my emotions have been played with," David said, as he walked into his original hotel room and found Hayley's pack of cigarettes on the bed.

"That's a 'f-ck you.' I'm past the point. I am lividly angry. I opened up my heart to meet somebody and it's been stomped on."

David left his wedding ring in the room and said it would be best for both of them to spend as much time apart as possible.

In the next episode, the experts discussed Connie, a 27-year-old retail assistant and aspiring marine biologist whom the experts said is quirky, shy and introverted -- but also very intelligent.

Connie admitted she doesn't have much of a social life or many friends and has been single for five years. She wanted to get married in order to not be alone anymore.

"I don't think I'm ugly, but I don't think there's anything striking about me," Connie told the cameras, adding that she didn't get much attention from the opposite sex.

The experts wanted to find a man who could bring Connie out of shell, so they picked Jonethen, a 27-year-old projects officer, who called himself jovial. Jonethen said he loves having fun with his friends but would like to go out to dinner with a woman instead.

Jonethen said he's attracted to brains and what's on the inside since women's looks fade.

Jonethen revealed his father had a stroke and it had been "super hard" on the family. Jonethen's father was learning how to walk and talk again, and the Married at First Sight participant got choked up just thinking about it.

The experts' next match was Ivan, a real estate agent who considers himself an extravagant person who likes to make statements with his opinions and appreciates the finer things in life.

The experts called Ivan outspoken and "an interesting character" who likes to be in control. Ivan admitted he's not very close to his Ukrainian family but he has good morals and values.

Ivan said he didn't want to "marry a wet rag" yet had traditional, conservative values. The experts thought a good partner for Ivan could be Aleks, another real estate agent from Serbian heritage who might challenge Ivan.

Aleks, 26, told the camera she's "fiery" but past her prime for marriage in Serbian traditional. She had never lived with a man before and was apparently attracted to "tall, dark and handsome" men, although she wasn't about looks going into this experiment.

Aleks shared in tears how her parents weren't going to attend the wedding since they don't really approve of her decision to marry at first sight. As for Connie, her mother laughed at the idea of her daughter getting married and didn't even believe the news at first.

It then became time for their wedding day, and it marked the first time Connie ever had her makeup done professionally. Connie hoped to find the man of her dreams because she was tired of being lonely.

Jonethen thought his bride looked "stunning" when he first saw her, saying she had an "infectious smile" and left him "speechless," and Connie loved her groom's giant smile.

Connie told her husband she's animated, playful, optimistic, sensitive and academic, and she promised Jonethen to be her true, authentic self while providing companionship, adventure, fun facts about fish and hopefully one day love.

Jonethen thought Connie sounded genuine and honest, and he told Connie that he was looking for a best friend and would be totally committed to her. Connie could tell Jonethen wasn't "afraid of his feelings" when he vowed to have unconditional love.

At Ivan and Aleks' wedding, Aleks' family and friends didn't seem very impressed with the groom when he was standing at the altar. A few of them seemed to think Ivan wouldn't be Aleks' type.

When Ivan first met Aleks, he told her that she looked beautiful. Aleks admitted he was totally opposite of her type -- as she tends to go for thicker, darker men without clean-shaven faces, but she still seemed happy.

Aleks said she was brought up with a pride in her family's traditions and good morals, and she promised to put her heart and soul into their marriage, even if it meant participating in activities she doesn't like.

Ivan appreciated Aleks' background and moral compass, and he predicted they'd have a lot of common ground. He vowed to be patient, loyal, encouraging and honest.

The banter was there and Aleks thought Ivan seemed kind, so the pair predicted they'd get along fabulously. And after getting to know each other better, Ivan really liked Aleks' self-confidence and noted she'd probably whip him into shape.

Connie's mother wasn't happy about the wedding and didn't know what to think about her daughter getting married, but Jonethen tried to assure her that his intentions were good and pure. Connie's mother just wasn't convinced Jonethen was the right man for Connie, but he slowly won her over because he appeared so nice and nervous.

But Ivan was humiliated when his mother sang a song towards the end of the night. Luckily, Aleks was a good sport and told her husband not to be angry or upset because her parents didn't even attend the wedding.

"He's got a temper on him," Aleks noted. "He's Ukrainian, so we're very similar."


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