Married at First Sight has three couples in very different places in their marriages with only a week-and-a-half to go of the extreme experiment.

Tuesday night's show began on Day 33. The three participating pairs had been married to a complete stranger for five weeks now. The broadcast picked up where last week's episode had left off, with Ashley Doherty confronting husband David Norton about having asked a girl out.

Ashley revealed David had reached out to a friend of her girlfriend whom the both of them didn't even know to go out for drinks one night. The only thing Ashley had left in their relationship was trust, but she said David's behavior ruined that. David explained he reached out to this girl because she was "a mutual friend" and he simply hoped to learn more about Ashley since she struggled to open up.

David said there was no romantic interest behind his invitation, but Ashley didn't believe him and insisted it sounded like a date. Ashley was convinced it wasn't innocent and called David out on his "bullsh-t."

David later wrote Ashley a letter to explain everything that happened and express his feelings. She yelled at him to just ask her when he wants to know something, but he took a shot at her by saying she never responds with anything helpful and she doesn't even talk to friends or family whom David could reach out.

Ashley told the cameras she never intentionally said "hurtful things" to David, so the fact he did changed everything. David wondered if Ashley was just looking for an excuse to get out of the marriage; He believed she was running away. But Ashley was furious, calling David "a liar" when he tried to communicate with her. She wanted him to fess up to his alleged mistake and asked for space in the meantime.

Before David left for a trip to visit his brother, Ashley told David she had talked to the girl he reached out to and she accused David of friending her on Facebook before texting her to ask her out. Ashley had saved the screenshot, which apparently featured David saying, "Oh, well I guess I'm going to have to call you up and ask you out for drinks."

Ashley thought David was fake and putting on an act when he tried to be kind and sweet to her. However, she realized she really cared for David or else this situation wouldn't have affected her like it did -- she wouldn't have been so upset. Ashley needed trust and mutual respect in a marriage, but she said that was missing and she wasn't sure if it could be salvaged.

When David got to talk to his brother, he explained that he told the girl he text messaged about wanting to learn more about Ashley, so he said either the girl was stirring up trouble or Ashley knew this information and chose to ignore it so she's have an easy out of the marriage.

Regardless, David hated the fact he hurt his wife, and although he stood by the fact his intentions were pure, he planned to apologize to Ashley and fight for their marriage more than ever because he truly cared for her and wanted their relationship to work.

After calming down and thinking for a couple of days, Ashley acknowledged to the cameras she'd be willing to give David the opportunity to regain her trust even though a part of her felt like he didn't deserve it. She planned to give him another chance.

Meanwhile, Sam Role and Neil Bowlus' marriage was progressing in a positive direction. Sam admitted Neil was starting to grow on her because she found him hilarious and admired quirks about him she initially thought were weird. Sam also realized she cared about Neil when she was questioning why he wasn't texting her back one day.
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"I'm kind of starting to like him... I enjoy spending more time with my husband. I do feel myself getting close in that sense of intimacy, and so I can feel myself progressing in that area. And the reason why it's getting easier is because he's being so patient with me," Sam explained in a confessional.

Neil also liked Sam and was ready for romance in their marriage because he wants intimacy and passion down the road. Sam also wanted their marriage to last and work out in the end, so both individuals attempted to please the other and continue opening up. The couple then moved into a new house and really bonded over the journey.

As for Tres Russell and Vanessa Nelson's marriage, Vanessa determined she wasn't going to let divorce happen. Tres exceeded her expectations as a husband. He brought her flowers and medicine when she felt sick, and also gave her perfume and a variety of desserts for her birthday.

In return, Vanessa put a little basket together of 10 things she loved most about Tres, and he thought the gesture was incredibly sweet and thoughtful. They started to view each other as the perfect package.