Cash was apparently king when Mark L. Wahlberg decided to host train wreck reality shows from Temptation Island to The Moment of Truth.

"With a show as rough as mine, I like to think that in someone else's hands, it could be even more destructive," said Wahlberg in Entertainment Weekly's August 8 issue. 

"So while I am completely whoring myself out for cash, I'm kind and sensitive to those who have chosen to ruin their lives on national television."

Wahlberg cut his teeth by helming Temptation Island's first season for Fox in early 2001 before subsequently reprising his role for the show's second and third seasons.

"We were helping America one couple at a time on Temptation Island, so I feel like there was a higher calling," he told EW.

Most recently Wahlberg has found himself hosting Fox's The Moment of Truth, the game show that quizzes contestants about their personal life and uses a lie detector to determine if they're telling the truth. 

"I just look at it like this," Wahlberg told EW when asked about The Moment of Truth.  "As a microwave heats bacon quickly, we bring people to where they're headed much faster."

With both Temptation Island and The Moment of Truth, Wahlberg said he was simply "providing a service." 
However one service he decided against providing was helping little people find love on Fox's early 2004 The Little Groom reality dating series.

"They said, 'Here's the concept, and we're going to handle it in a very sensitive and responsible way,'" Wahlberg recalled being told when approached about the show. 

"I said, 'I don't believe that you are.  I think you're going to make fun of little people and -- while I'll secretly watch it -- I don't feel comfortable hosting it."

But to Wahlberg's surprise, he was impressed with the show.

"They actually did handle it pretty sensitively," Wahlberg told EW.  "So maybe I blew it."