Rapper-turned-Dancing with the Stars' contestant Lil Kim almost had a lil' problem with the censors after her performance with Derek Hough on last night's episode of the ABC reality dancing competition.

Following the dance couple's jive performance set to Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock," Dancing with the Stars host Tom Bergeron suddenly stepped in between Kim and the camera as she was receiving comments from the show's judges to let her know that she was risking a wardrobe malfunction before momentarily blocking her from the show's cameras so she could fix her outfit's top.

"She desperately tried to pull a Janet Jackson!" Hough joked to Us Weekly following the show.

"Don't say that!" Kim added. "That's a whole other show! I'd have to get paid a lot a lot of money!"

Kim is no stranger to making headlines for her revealing wardrobes. During the 1999 MTV Video Music Awards, Kim donned a purple wig and a toga-style dress that left her left breast covered by only a small patch -- which Diana Ross famously groped when the pair met onstage.

Potential wardrobe malfunction aside, Hough told Us that he had been blown away when he saw Kim's jailhouse outfit.

"When she came out, I'm not going to say what I said, but...." Hough told Us.

"No, say it - I like to hear it!" Kim interrupted.

"I was like, 'Yeah, I'd hit that!'" Hough continued.

"I saw him checking me out!" Kim added with a laugh.

Kim's near wardrobe malfunction was edited out of the show's West Coast rebroadcast, according to Us. The couple received a score of 28 from the show's judges -- the highest score of the night for any of the dance couples.