Lena Dunham and America Ferrera teamed up to throw their support behind Hillary Clinton on Tuesday at the Democratic National Convention.

"Hi. I'm Lena Dunham, and according to Donald Trump, my body is probably, like, a 2," Dunham opened the speech alongside Ferrera who chimed in, "And I'm America Ferrera, and according to Donald Trump, I'm probably a rapist."

"We know what you're thinking," Dunham continued after furthering mocking the Republican presidential hopeful. "Why should you care what some television celebrity has to say about politics?" to which Ferrera continued, "But he is the Republican nominee so we need to talk about it."

The pair then explained how Trump would bring about an era where "differences are more important than what united us," before proudly stating "We're with Hillary" in unison.

The actresses then took turns telling personal stories about their upbringing and how Clinton will fight for constitutional rights.

"Occasionally, I needed a free meal to get through the school day. Not everybody looks at the millions of young people like me -- children born into struggling families, children born to immigrant parents, children who are immigrants themselves -- not everybody looks at them and sees an investment," Ferrara shared.

"I am a pro-choice, feminist sexual assault survivor with a chronic reproductive illness. Donald Trump and his party think I should be punished for exercising my constitutional rights. His rhetoric about women takes us back to a time when we were meant to be beautiful and silent. Meanwhile, 22 years ago, Hillary Clinton declared that women's rights are human rights," Dunham stated.

The two then rallied the crowd in Philadelphia listing off Clinton's campaign promises and how a vote for the Democratic nominee is a vote for America's future.

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"Do you want equal pay for equal work? The right to make decisions about your own body? Paid family leave? As Hillary Clinton says, 'Deal us in,'" Dunham and Ferrera declared amid cheers from the audience.

The television stars are the latest celebrities to speak during the Democratic National Convention following Sarah Silverman and Al Franken calling on Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton supporters to band together, Demi Lovato who called for greater access to mental health care before performing her song "Confident," Eva Longoria who slammed Trump for his previous statements a regarding Mexican immigrants and Elizabeth Banks who parodied Trump's dramatic back-lit RNC convention entrance.