Katy Perry had a little meltdown when she found out American Idol's Cade Foehner may be dating another contestant on Sunday night's episode, and now the judge is opening up about the showmance in question.

"It's fine, to each their own," Katy told Entertainment Tonight while dressed like Snow White for the latest episode's Disney theme.

"You know, I'm happy for him, and he's probably happy for me. We don't talk to the contestants in between, so you know, it's up to them, their personal life."

Cade, American Idol's rocker this season whom Katy often fawns over when he sings, is rumored to be dating Gabby Barrett, the spunky platinum-blonde country singer.

On Sunday night's American Idol broadcast, Cade sang "Kiss the Girl" from The Little Mermaid, and host Ryan Seacrest asked the heartthrob after his performance, "Was there an image of someone drifting through your head while you were singing that?"

"Possibly, yeah," Cade replied as he blushed and the audience cheered loudly.

Katy then had a strong reaction to this news, as she stood up and started yelling, "Who is she?! Who is she?! How long has this been going on?!"

"I thought I spotted someone in the lounge paying very close attention!" Ryan interjected.

Cameras then flashed to Gabby covering her face and shaking her head in embarrassment backstage, while Michael J. Woodard covered his mouth with one hand in shock.

"I've heard that [Cade] has taken interest in another contestant, and that's just fine, I'm going to get over it," Katy joked with ET. "Snow White would never say what she's thinking right now, or else she wouldn't be a part of the Disney family."

Katy, however, has allegedly rekindled her relationship with actor Orlando Bloom in recent weeks, following their split in 2017. She said she's "very happy" in fact.

As for Cade and Gabby's blossoming romance, Cade told ET, "Honest to God, we are great friends. We are good friends. I adore her. I adore her, but we are trying to build a career and we're focused and we're hardworking and we're not letting it get in the way. We're just trying to stay focused."

Gabby had "no comment" on whether she's dating Cade, but she admitted while staring at the ground and smiling, "There's just something about him."
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As for their reactions to Katy's hilarious tantrum on Disney Night, Cade said with a laugh, "That was a different side of Ms. Perry that I was not ready for."

And Gabby noted, "I think she has a little thing for Cade, but we can share! I'm down for that... I think we're on good terms."

American Idol's Sunday night broadcast concluded with Ada Vox, Dennis Lorenzo and Michelle Sussett getting eliminated. The Top 7 remains going into next week's episode.
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