Although Bravo has yet to officially announce the show's renewal, Kathy Griffin has announced that a second season of her Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List reality series is scheduled to begin filming in February 2006.

Also of interest to fans of the self-acknowledged reality TV fanatic, Celebrity Mole: Hawaii winner, and Average Joe hostess is Griffin's confirmation that although she had filed for divorce from husband Matthew Moline back in September, the couple is apparently in the process of reconciling (according to previous media reports, the couple had recently made several joint public appearances, including at November's Hollywood Christmas Parade.)

"[We] are working on it. He will be a part of my Bravo show next season," Griffin told The New York Post in a Wednesday story that centered on the E! network's decision to unceremoniously dump Griffin from its awards show coverage team.

According to Griffin, she only learned of E! President and CEO Ted Harbert's decision to drop her when she asked her representatives to ask the network why, with The Golden Globes awards ceremony only three weeks away, she'd yet to hear from them. "Apparently Ted told my reps that the E! red carpet is a puzzle and I am a piece of the puzzle, which is a wonderful puzzle piece, but I don't fit this particular puzzle and that when I see the puzzle, I will get it. I am a piece that doesn't understand only because they can't tell me who will take over," Griffin joked with the Post.

"They kept saying, 'When you see the new puzzle, you will know it is not a personal insult.' I was like, are you kidding? I got canned, bottom line. I can't even be like Star Jones and be like, 'Oh, I have a book tour coming up!' "

Later on Wednesday, E! revealed who Griffin's "replacement" would be: American Idol host Ryan Seacrest, who in addition to leading the network's awards coverage, has signed a three-year deal that will also see him anchor the network's E! News show and develop additional new shows for the network.

Ryan Seacrest? And E! actually thought a diehard reality TV fan like Griffin wouldn't be insulted about that? Too bad those Season 2 cameras aren't already rolling at her A-List house this week.

As for Bravo, the network might want to start making more of an effort to coordinate its renewal announcements with the public comments of its celebrity reality show stars. Griffin is the second Bravo reality show celebrity to "announce" the renewal of her show recently (apparently life really is difficult on the D-List -- you even have to make your own pickup announcements.) Back in October, Bobby Brown also revealed the renewal of his own Being Bobby Brown series during an Extra interview. Although the network aired a Being Bobby Brown: Christmas with the Browns special on Wednesday night, Bravo has continued to withhold any formal announcement of a second Being Bobby Brown season.