Kanye West is not yet finished with his "The Life Of Pablo" album -- despite it having been available for several weeks.

The Chicago-born rapper has added a new version of his track "Wolves," reintroducing parts from Sia and Vic Mensa.

Frank Ocean, who previously had a part in the track, is featured instead in an entirely new song titled "Frank's Song."

"Life Of Pablo is a living breathing changing creative expression," West tweeted Tuesday regarding his project, which first debuted in its entirety last month.

The fluctuating album is currently only available to stream on the artist-owned service, Tidal. Also available on the site are alternative lyrics and mixes to the songs on the album.

For several weeks, West has been discussing "fixing" the track, releasing versions with and without Sia or Mensa's contributions.

The rapper promised three full albums in 2016 and is suspected of shuffling some music around in order to meet his goal.