Julianne Hough has opened up about how romantic her boyfriend Ryan Seacrest tends to be on Valentine's Day.

"[He likes] surprising me and ending up at a restaurant and having the place cleared out and rose petals and stuff like that," the 24-year-old actress and former Dancing with the Stars professional dancer told People, adding that his gestures are "so cute and special."

Hough and the 38-year-old American Idol host will be spending their third Valentine's Day together this week but celebrating it differently than in years past -- or so Hough believes.

"Every year is really wonderful. The first two years were super romantic and like, over the top, because it was new. This year I think it will be more understated, like [celebrating] real joy of what we truly have," she explained. "I have no idea, but I know there are plans. He likes to do Valentine's Day." 

As for whether the couple will be getting engaged any time soon, Hough assured People, "Not yet."

Hough is starring in Safe Haven, a romantic film based upon a Nicholas Sparks novel to be released in theaters on Thursday.

About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
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