Julianne Hough's recent announcement that she wouldn't be participating in Dancing with the Stars' next season was apparently premature.

"I may have put my foot in my mouth when I said I wasn't going to come back next season," Hough told Entertainment Tonight following Dancing with the Stars' live seventh-season finale broadcast on Tuesday night.  "I just meant that maybe I'll come back next season, maybe I won't."

The two-time Dancing with the Stars professional champ had previously stated she would not be back for the show's spring installment. 

She subsequently reiterated the decision was "final" because she wanted to focus on her singing career and be "taken seriously" as a musician.

"Maybe I'll take a season off here -- like maybe this next one, maybe the one in the fall," Hough clarified to Entertainment Tonight.  "But [I'm] definitely going to take one off to focus on the music."

Hough added "there's a chance" that she might still compete in the spring.
"We're still talking about it and everything," she told Entertainment Tonight.  "So yeah, I said I might have put my foot in my mouth."
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