Jon and Kate Gosselin are still without a resolution to their monetary disputes despite spending the morning in court.

The Jon & Kate Plus 8 stars and their attorneys met in court on Tuesday to sort out the financial accusations both have made against each other in recent court filings, People reported.

However there didn't appear to be no immediate settlement to the conflict, with Judge Arthur Tilson just ordering Jon and Kate to return any money that's been withdrawn inappropriately and continuing the case until October 26, according to People.

Last week, Kate filed an emergency petition in which she requested Jon be ordered to return $230,000 she claims he was unauthorized to withdraw from one of their bank accounts.

Jon subsequently denied Kate's claim that the withdrawals were inappropriate and asked her to account for more than $100,000 in withdrawals she allegedly made without his consent.

Tilson said he will agree with whatever the divorce case's previously agreed upon arbitrator rules as long as it is in the best interest of Jon and Kate's eight children, TMZ reported.

Despite Tilson telling Jon and Kate to keep things "private" and "amicable," the October 26 hearing will be open to the public, according to TMZ.

Tuesday's hearing was originally scheduled for last Wednesday but had to be delayed after Tilson's wife passed away.
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