Jon Gosselin has released his court filing which claim he wasn't the only one who made unauthorized money withdrawals from one of his joint accounts with estranged wife Kate Gosselin.

Jon has alleged that Kate violated terms of their divorce arbitrator's awards by withdrawing more than $60,000 from one of their joint accounts between June 15 and September 15 and approximately $9,800 from another account in mid-July as part of transactions that totalled "more than $100,000," The Insider reported Saturday, citing a copy of the court filing released by Jon's lawyer Mark Heller.

"Jon seeks to hold Kate responsible for what he believes to be her contemptuous conduct," Heller told The Insider.

While Heller said Jon initially wanted to keep the financial information confidential because he didn't want to "embarrass Kate with the allegations," he said Jon -- who has participating in a string of media appearances recently -- decided to go public because Kate's lawyer Mark Momjian has continued to speak out about their ongoing litigation.

Jon's filing occurred after Kate appeared on NBC's Today and alleged that Jon "took $230,000 of the $231,000 that we have liquid."

"I have a stack of bills in my purse I can't drop in the mail," she said at the time.  "I have the accounting over the last few months and it's exactly $230,000 beginning on August 10 and his last withdrawal was September 29."

She subsequently filed an application for child support and temporary spousal support, as well as an emergency petition asking a Montgomery County judge to order Jon to return the money.

Jon's filing alleges one of the reasons Kate filed for the emergency petition was "to cover up the fact that she removed hundreds of thousands of dollars from the marital estate" prior to filing for divorce from him in June.

While the filing admits that Jon removed "certain funds" -- having previously stated he's taken $177,500 "in small increments" from one of the couple's bank accounts over the course of the last year -- it also claims Kate has done the same.

In addition, the filing claims Kate's allegation that he left her without any liquid assets to pay the bills is false and alleges she is in control of more than $1 million and is "continuing to hide marital funds."

Jon's filing requests Kate be held in contempt of the two arbitration awards, be forced to follow an arbitrator's previous ruling that each spouse deposit $7,500 a month into a joint account, and be required to give a complete accounting of all the money she spent in the last 60 days.

"We asked Mr. Momjian not to comment further, with the assurance that our side would not comment on the litigation either. Clearly, Mr. Momjian has refused to abide by that request," Heller told The Insider in a written statement.
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Despite his numerous recent media appearances, Heller claims Jon had been choosing "to take the high road" until now.

"Although releasing said legal documents would have served to defend Jon against the accusations of his wife, Jon for these past 5 days has chosen to take the high road by not releasing his Answer and Counterclaim because he did not want to embarrass Kate with the allegations set forth therein and was hopeful that such restraint, to his own detriment, would inspire Kate to privately come to the table with her counsel to resolve all outstanding issues relating to their divorce, through peaceful private negotiation -- rather than the contentious litigation that Mr. Momjian seems so willing to instigate and pursue in the Public Eye."

Heller added the Answer and Counterclaim document was subsequently released "in order for Jon's side to be known and the picture to be complete."