Joshua Ledet just missed out on making it to American Idol's eleventh-season finale when he was eliminated during last night's broadcast, but he's apparently not broken up about it. 

"I felt relieved," Ledet told Entertainment Weekly while meeting with reporters after Thursday night's results show which set up Phillip Phillips and Jessica Sanchez to square off in the finale.

"A lot of pressure was off me. I wasn't upset about it because I was super excited for Phillip and Jessica. They were great and they have huge fan bases. They got good comments from the judges and [Idol mentor Jimmy Iovine]. They're talented and deserve it like everybody else. I'm excited to be able to vote for both of them next week."

Ledet told EW his ouster didn't catch him off-guard, as he even woke up Thursday morning with a bad feeling.

"[I had a] weird vibe. I just didn't feel right today, so I wasn't surprised that [Idol host Ryan Seacrest] didn't say my name," Ledet said.

"I don't think anything went wrong, really. I liked my songs [Wednesday] night, and I was happy with my performances. But everyone kept saying it could go any way and that it was a close race, so I wasn't surprised."

The 19-year-old singer from Westlake, LA, maintained his composure and a smile following the results, but he claimed he couldn't hold back the tears once those close to him -- including American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez -- began showing their support.

"Honestly, I didn't think I was going to cry. I felt good about the whole situation. But when people come up to comfort you, the tears start coming. Phillip told me I was one of the greatest singers he has ever heard, not to give it up, and to be true to myself. Jennifer told me to keep my head up and that I was only going to go further from here. With all their support, I lost it a little bit," Ledet explained.

Although his American Idol journey has come to an end, Ledet suggested there may be much more in store for him.

"You don't have to win to go on to have a successful career. Look at Adam Lambert or Jennifer Hudson, Ledet told EW.