Jordan Rodgers is not shy about the fact he's not exactly best friends with his famous brother Aaron Rodgers.

Jordan, 27, recently Skyped with Katie Nolan for her Garbage Time podcast and was asked about his relationship with the 32-year-old Green Bay Packers quarterback.

"Um, you know, we have a relationship," Jordan said, before adding with a grin: "You know, it's complicated. I'll say that."

When asked whether he's a true Packers fan, Jordan said yes -- but for a surprising reason.

"Yeah, so one of my best friends in the world, Dave Bakhtiari, is [Aaron's] left tackle," Jordan explained. "I lived with David before the draft, so absolutely [I'm a Packers fan]. Since I played, I ended up being a fan of watching guys that I played with. I don't really have a team that I root for really hard. I grew up a Steelers fan."

As for whether Aaron is watching his little brother compete for JoJo Fletcher on The Bachelorette's currently-airing twelfth season, Jordan tried to dodge the question.

"I'm sure everybody watches the show, so yeah. I think so, yeah," Jordan noted, adding with a laugh that he hasn't "gotten any pointers on my kissing or my dating" from Aaron.

Jordan said Fletcher didn't seem like the type of girl who wanted to date him because he's related to Aaron, who also has a beautiful famous girlfriend, Olivia Munn. Jordan claimed to have good radar when it comes to getting involved with women who have questionable motives.

Jordan, a former pro quarterback, also insisted he didn't meet or speak to Fletcher before filming and he barely watched her on Ben Higgins' season of The Bachelor. In fact, Jordan confessed he didn't even know Fletcher's real name was Joelle when the show began taping.