Monday night's two-hour The Bachelor premiere showed many of the highlights of Jake Pavelka's introductory cocktail party with his bachelorette suitors, however one event was noticeably absent: the "special announcement" ABC had previously announced The Bachelorette lovebirds Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski would share.

"It was about a wedding date," an ABC spokesperson told Reality TV World on Tuesday.

"They were worried about how the announcement would have affected their personal life, so they decided to pull it."

Last month, ABC had announced that Harris and Swiderski would visit Pavelka during the party and offer their thoughts on the women before he eliminated his first 10 suitors during The Bachelor's fourteenth-season premiere.

In addition, the network had also teased that Harris and Swiderski would "share a special announcement" with Pavelka after helping him make his elimination decisions.

The Bachelor's debut was filmed in October and included Harris and Swiderski sharing their wedding date with Pavelka, however the couple subsequently had "second thoughts" about the public announcement after ABC teased it last month, according to the network spokesperson.

The decision to remove the announcement from the premiere broadcast was made after Harris and Swiderski discussed their concerns with The Bachelor producers, the spokesperson told Reality TV World.

Swiderski proposed to Harris after she selected him during The Bachelorette's final fifth-season Rose Ceremony, which was filmed in Hawaii in late May.

He subsequently said he and Harris were "certainly going to get married in the next 12 months" during the season's After the Final Rose special.