Jennifer Lopez said she had an emotional moment on stage after baring "a little bit of my thoughts" during a weekend concert in Connecticut.

Lopez, who split with her husband Marc Anthony in July, told Access Hollywood her performance of her new song "One Love" at the Monhegan Sun Casino seemed to really connect with audience.

"After I sang the song, I'm standing there, and I realized that I did bare a little bit of my thoughts in this song. I also acted it out, kind of, for the audience. The way they received it was very touching," the 42-year-old singer said. "I think that they felt what I felt, which is, you know, I'm just a girl, just like everybody else, trying to find my way."

Access Hollywood and the Hartford (Conn.) Courant dismissed media reports that Lopez fled the stage in tears Saturday after the song, which featured dancing couples who resembled her and her past loves.

"When the song ended, she stood for a few moments on stage, basking in the waves of adulation enveloping her," the Courant said.

"Then Lopez did what all professional performers do when the applause has crested: she did another song."