The picturesque beaches and crystal-clear water that Survivor castaways are normally marooned in the middle of might soon give way to a much colder climate.

"We have talked about Canada believe it or not. We have really talked about it. We had a long discussion about it for these two seasons... upcoming seasons," Probst told reporters during a recent conference call with the Canadian media, according to the Edmonton Journal

"And we're still on the fence about it."

Probst said Survivor and its production crew see "a lot of positives" to holding an upcoming installment in a colder climate because it would be "new and different." 

However he quickly added there are also "some negatives" to frigid temperatures because "physically you tend to shut down when you get cold."

"You don't do as much," Probst told reporters. 

"You're going to be wearing parkas and hats and boots. And you're not going to be in bikinis. Challenges become a little different, so there's pros and cons."

With Survivor currently airing its fourteenth installment -- and with two additional installments of the long-running reality competition series already ordered by CBS -- Probst guessed that producer Mark Burnett may have no choice but to travel where the mercury falls pretty fast.

"I think though that Mark is probably leaning towards truly considering a colder climate, especially if the show goes on further because it's hard, to find locations," Probst told reporters.