Former Survivor castaways James Clement, Ozzy Lusth and Erik Reichenbach can breathe a sigh of relief --Jeff Probst claims the upcoming Survivor: Tocantins -- The Brazilian Highlands has a record-setting number of blindsides.

"It is taken to a whole 'nother level," said Probst in Entertainment Weekly's February 13 issue.  "We set a new record this season."

Survivor: Tocantins -- which premieres Thursday, February 12 at 8PM ET/PT -- will begin with the 16 castaways being marooned in Tocantins, a state in central Brazil with numerous rivers and an equatorial climate.

"High desert, 120 degrees, snakes, injuries and a stunning river oasis," Probst told EW about Tocantins.

The long-time Survivor host said the likeable cast, large number of blindsides and "beastly" terrain all combined to make Tocantins one of the best seasons yet.

"Tocantins is so good, it just may crack our top five seasons ever," Probst told EW.