Julie Berry may want to watch her back.

The former Survivor: Vanuatu castaway has been dating Survivor host Jeff Probst since filming the CBS reality competition series' ninth installment in the summer of 2004, but apparently Probst also has eyes for one of the six remaining Survivor: Fiji castaways:  Yau-Man Chan, a 54-year-old computer engineer who currently resides in Martinez, CA.

"He's such an unlikely hero," Probst told the New York Post recently.  "There are just some people who have a way about them -- instantly charming -- that makes you want to pull for them.  And he's been the underdog from the time the show started."

While he may not have Berry's looks, Chan does have survival skills -- something Probst finds appealing after hosting every one of Survivor's 14 seasons.  The small, spectacled Fiji castaway was born in Hong Kong and raised in Borneo, Malaysia, the setting for Survivor's first season.

"I didn't think he'd be the first one off of the show because he grew-up in Kota Kinabalu (Malaysia) on the South China Sea.  He grew-up on those beaches so he knows how to deal with coconuts.  He knows how to make fire, how to fish," Probst told the Post about the castaway he now considers to be one of his favorite Survivor contestants of all time.  "But due to his size, I thought he'd be one of the first to go."

Probst wasn't the only one who noticed Chan's odds didn't stack-up too favorably against some of the younger, more muscular Fiji castaways.

"He was very worried the first five or six Tribal Councils," Probst told the Post.  He would say, 'I know I'm a target.  I'd be a target if I was looking at me.'"

But Chan has remained, surviving some tough weeks living on the meek Ravu beach and forming a strong alliance with Earl Cole, a 35-year-old advertising executive who currently resides in Santa Monica, CA.  The duo also found one of Fiji's two hidden Immunity Idols, which Chan still keeps with him as the final six castaways head down the stretch towards the $1 million prize.