Jonathan Penner and Kathleen Sleckman apparently aren't the only Survivor: Micronesia -- Fans vs. Favorites castaways who leave the competition without having their torches snuffed.

"It's been a crazy season, and it's not over," Survivor host Jeff Probst told USA Today in an interview published Monday.  "We're not done having people have to leave the game for reasons other than being voted out."

"So what do you mean?  An accident or something like that?" USA Today reporter Will Keck asked Probst.

"Something like that," he responded.

While Probst never identified which of the seven Survivor: Micronesia castaways still in the competition will leave without being voted out, the comments most likely indicate that former Survivor: China castaway James Clement isn't long for the Micronesia game.

During last Thursday night's broadcast, Clement was shown sitting around the Dabu camp with a nasty cut on his right ring finger.

"James' finger really wasn't doing too good," commented fellow castaway and real-life nurse Cirie Fields.  "He's had this cut on it for a few days now.  It was kind of swollen and kind of infected.  You cannot just assume, 'Oh, this little cut.  It's okay.  So what we're living in a damp, nasty cave with rats and bats around us every 15 minutes.  No.  This will be fine.'"

Clement told Fields he had been putting coconut oil on the cut -- but that apparently wasn't cutting it, as the injury was later shown to be bandaged and Probst informed him it would need medical attention.

"James, on your way out, I want [the] medical [folks] to look at your finger," Probst told Clement after the Tribal Council that saw Jason Siska's elimination. 

Penner was the first Survivor: Micronesia castaway to leave the competition without being voted out, as he was medically evacuated on Day 15 due to a puncture wound in his knee that became infected.  Then four days later, Sleckman quit the competition due to the emotional toll it was taking on her.

Should Clement exit because of his finger, he would represent the fifth Survivor castaway evacuated from the game due to medical reasons. 

In addition to Penner, Survivor: The Australian Outback castaway Michael Skupin was evacuated after he suffered burns from falling into his tribe's fire pit; Survivor: Panama castaway Bruce Kanegai was evacuated due to severe stomach pain and constipation; and Survivor: Fiji castaway Gary "Papa Smurf" was evacuated after suffering an allergic reaction to bug bites he received.