Jason Dent's Big Brother eviction was a hurtful blindside orchestrated by veteran houseguest Paul Abrahamian -- and the rodeo clown apparently believes Paul sealed his fate in the game with the move.

"I think he sabotaged himself. I think he's toast now," Jason, 37, told Us Weekly.

Jason became a member of the Season 19 jury when he got evicted from the house, and the jury will determine the show's winner next week.

"I don't think they're going to vote to let him win," Jason said of Paul, who has been called a "puppetmaster" and "mastermind" this season by both fans and his fellow houseguests.

Jason was eliminated from the game under Christmas Abbott's Head of Household reign. The vote to evict Jason was split 2-2 when he was sitting on the chopping block next to the other nominee, Kevin Schlehuber, whom Jason was convinced was going home.

Christmas, as the HoH, cast the tie-breaker vote for Jason to go, and the expectant father stormed out of the house without looking anyone in the eye or even hugging his best pal and closest ally, Alex Ow, goodbye.

"The only houseguest I needed to say something to was Christmas, and I just wanted to say, 'Do not do this,'" Jason told Us of his final moments in the house.

"But I still thought, when it was 2-to-2, I thought, 'You sly dogs, you really want to make this show-worthy to vote off Kevin [Schlehuber].' But boy was I wrong. I had faith in my team until Christmas said my name. I thought I was safe."

But Josh Martinez later revealed to Jason in a tearful pre-taped goodbye message that Paul schemed the plan to take him out and set it in motion.

With that being said, Josh also admitted he had been in a Final 3 alliance with Paul and Christmas for quite some time, which shocked Jason because he thought Paul was working with Alex and himself until the end.

When Paul spoke in a subsequent goodbye message, he acted like he had been blindsided right along with Jason, calling their fellow houseguests "counterfeits." Paul also insisted he'd take care of Alex going forward, but Jason's face of confusion gave away that he didn't believe Paul at all.

In the days leading up to Jason's blindside, Josh had been struggling with the decision to evict him all week long since they were friends, but Josh viewed the rodeo clown as a huge threat, especially since Jason was considered a power couple with Alex, who's also a beast in competitions.

At one point, Josh even broke down crying when he was sitting in the hot tub with Jason, so Jason did apparently question whether his friend was feeling guilty about something.

"[A potential betrayal] did cross my mind," Jason told Us.

"I was wondering why. It really crossed my mind in the wave room the morning of the vote. I was wondering why he was saying he was lonely. In the hot tub, he said he was a big super fan and really understood the game and knew what he was doing and was putting on an act."

Jason continued, "I thought he was just saying that because everyone wants to believe they have some control. Then in the wave room I thought he was definitely coming unhinged."

Jason said he planned to do "some buddy control" but never followed through. 

"That's what I needed to tell him was, 'I want to take you to the Final 2,' so he could feel included. I didn't give him anything, so I figure he thought, 'I'm voting you off,'" Jason said.

When looking back on his game as a whole, Jason revealed there was one game-move he regrets.

"I wish I would have put up [Matt Clines] and [Raven Walton] when I won my first HoH instead of [Mark Jansen] and [Elena Davies]. That wasn't what I wanted to do, it's what my pals wanted to do, and I should have done what I wanted," Jason explained.

Paul, Christmas, Josh, Kevin and Alex are still in the running to win Big Brother's $500,000 grand prize.