Jared Haibon has appeared on two seasons of Bachelor in Paradise, and both times, he was tormented by Ashley Iaconetti. So what implications has the show had on his personal life?

"This is absolutely my last show with the Bachelor franchise," Haibon told Glamour magazine.

On last summer's edition of Bachelor in Paradise, Haibon briefly dated Iaconetti but eventually broke her heart. The pair became super close friends afterward, but Iaconetti remained obsessed with him and in a constant pursuit of a romantic relationship.

Haibon and Iaconetti's complicated dynamic then exploded on Season 3 of BiP. Viewers are currently watching Haibon fall for Caila Quinn as Iaconetti struggles to keep her emotions in check.

After a pretty tumultuous experience on the franchise -- which all started when he was dumped by Kaitlyn Bristowe on The Bachelorette's eleventh season -- Haibon confirmed he's throwing in the towel.

When asked whether he'd be up for an appearance on Season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise next summer, Haibon told Glamour, "No. No, no, no, no. This is my last Bachelor show."

In fact, one of the reasons Haibon decided to participate on Season 3 in the first place is because he knew it would be his last chance to find love on reality TV.

"I knew if I went on, this is it. I'm very happy that I went on, and this is absolutely my last show with the Bachelor franchise. Unfortunately, I hate saying that because I love the people that work here," Haibon explained.

"I love coming into this experience and the possibility of finding love on such a grand scale."

Haibon and Iaconetti's relationship -- with all of its drama, twists and turns -- is an example of why Bachelor in Paradise is criticized for being heavily edited and manipulated by producers. 

"People say that it's fake because everything is put on a pedestal and you have these dates that are incredible, but at the heart of it, the connections are very, very real," Haibon said.

Haibon also revealed during his interview with the magazine whether he's maintained a friendship with Iaconetti.

"Yes. Oh my God, [yes]. Ashley and I are still great friends still," Haibon insisted.


Iaconetti and Quinn, on the other hand, aren't looking so good. In case you've missed an episode or two, Quinn asked Haibon out on a date after promising Iaconetti before filming she would stay away from him.

Haibon said they are "probably not" friends as of now.

"I don't think they are painting each other's toenails, let me say that," he admitted.