Jenni "J-Woww" Farley obtained a temporary restraining order preventing her ex-boyfriend Thomas Lippolis from selling a collection of nude photographs of the Jersey Shore star last week, but he is now claiming he never intended to sell the photos after all.

According to Lippolis and his lawyer, the nude photographs were merely Farley's attempt to distract attention from the lawsuit Lippolis filed against the Jersey Shore star last year for alleged unpaid management fees for serving as her manager during the first two seasons of the MTV reality series.

"She is just trying to divert the issue," Lippolis' lawyer Jeffrey Baum told E! News last week. "Everyone is jumping all over that we cant sell these photos, but we weren't even looking into. She has never denied that there is a contract. She's gotten all the media in frenzy and makes my client look like he is down and out."

"All we are looking for is to be compensated for what [Lippolis] did," Baum said. "She then moves for a temporary restraining order restraining us from releasing these photos. This has nothing to do with what we are claiming."

In addition, Lippolis is also claiming that the nude photographs -- which show the Jersey Shore star before and after she underwent liposuction and a second breast augmentation procedure, but Farley claims were taken while she was under the influence of under anesthesia -- served as incentive for he and Farley to initiate settlement negotiations over his lawsuit.

"We knew all along that the release of the photos would affect the original lawsuit regarding my unpaid management fees... This is exactly how my team anticipated this would pan out, and we are looking forward to going to arbitration to recover the money that is rightfully mine that would otherwise never have been paid," Lippolis told E! News.

"She concocted this whole ordeal herself due to the insecurities of me possessing such photos."