In a showdown between two of the final four from CTV's Canadian Idol, champ Ryan Malcolm once again defeated Quebecois songbird Audrey de Montigny ... or rather, his ViK. single defeated her ViK. single. In the Nielsen SoundScan Canadian Single Sales chart for the week ending November 9, Ryan's "Something More" remained #1 for the sixth straight week, while Audrey's French-language "Meme les Anges" was forced to settle for second place in its debut.

Meanwhile, the only other two Idol-related singles in the Top 25 were American Idol winner (and Ryan's competitor in World Idol) Kelly Clarkson's "Low," which dropped one notch to fourth in its sixth week, and American Juniors' "One Step Closer," which hung on to 20th place in its 12th week.

However, the main news in Ryan's world isn't the #1 streak or the upcoming relase of his debut ViK. album, Home, which is scheduled to ship on Dec. 9. Instead, it's the upcoming World Idol competition, which will be aired over Christmas and New Year's. Ryan is looking forward to carrying the banner of the Great White North as one of the 11 contestants. As he put it, "Iím ridiculously excited about going back into competition. Iím thrilled to represent Canada and lím looking forward to kicking some world butt."

"Kicking some world butt"? We wonder if Ryan has been spending a little too much time psyching himself up about performing at the Grey Cup (the championship game for the Canadian Football League) this weekend.