Ignatious Carmouche, a 28-year-old minister from Opelousas, LA, is currently a contestant on The Voice's thirteenth season.

Ignatious was crowned The Voice's Season 12 Snapchat winner out of 20,000 contestants, so he had already met Adam Levine. For winning the contest, Ignatious was given the opportunity to have a Blind Audition this fall.

The artist performed "Latch" for his big moment, and both Jennifer Hudson and Blake Shelton turned their chairs around for him. Blake complimented his clear, perfect and effortless pitch, but Adam insisted Jennifer was the right choice for Ignatious no matter what was said.

"For me, I felt like I wanted to pick Adam from jump. Adam was my first option because I was on his team from the Snapchat. So I figured that going from him getting me there, picking me from me singing in my bedroom, submitting my video to get this chance to win, to not even knowing that I was getting this opportunity, I just felt like getting to work with him would have been a great moment for me," Ignatious admitted to Reality TV World after his audition aired on NBC.

"I thought it would have been a great moment for TV to see the transition that we would make. So I believe that with him suggesting this, and pushing for me, I always thought that in that moment, maybe he saw something aside from the battle that he and Blake always have."

Despite Blake's apparent passion for the artist, Ignatious chose to become a member "Team Jennifer." Jennifer thought his voice sounded like a saxophone, and ironically, Ignatious plays that instrument.

Ignatious told Reality TV World that Adam's vocal support of Jennifer during his Blind Audition "definitely did influence my decision."

"But Blake was always -- he was actually my second choice before Jennifer, but Adam's influence definitely did make a difference," Ignatious said.

Ignatious is very pleased to be on Jennifer's team because he trusts Adam's guidance and advice, but he was a little surprised the Maroon 5 frontman didn't turn his chair around for the audition to begin with.

"Up there [on the stage], Adam did say that he was distracted by the artist that went on before me or something like that, that he was upset about not getting or something like that," Ignatious recalled.

"But he was really disappointed. Immediately, he recognized me before I could even introduce myself. He immediately came on stage and apologized for not turning. But as far as that, that's the only conversation that we were able to have about it."

Now that the Blind Auditions are over, Ignatious will be competing in The Voice's famous "The Battle Round," which kicks off Monday, October 16 at 8PM ET/PT.
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