Hell's Kitchen is heating up a new season with 18 new ambitious chefs.

Fox has revealed the identities of the 18 chefs who will be competing on the sixteenth season of Hell's Kitchen, which premieres Friday, November 4 at 8PM ET/PT.

The participating chefs from across the country will duke it out in a series of grueling challenges and dinner services to prove to Hell's Kitchen host and executive producer Gordon Ramsay they deserve the title as well as a Head Chef position at Yardbird Southern Table & Bar at The Venetian Las Vegas, NV.

Per usual, Ramsay will demand absolute perfection in high-pressure situations, and tensions and emotions will rise. Each week, the hopeful chefs will be tested with rigorous culinary challenges to see if they have what it takes to run their own restaurant until only one person remains.

In the premiere episode of Hell's Kitchen, Ramsay will shock the 18 chefs with a detour to a U.S. Army training boot camp before they are divided into two teams in the show's famous kitchen. The men will represent the Blue Team, while the women will wear red.

The teams' first challenge will be to present their signature dishes, and then in the season's first dinner service, one team will deliver one of the strongest opening-night services in Hell's Kitchen history. The other team, however, will struggle to find momentum.

Hell's Kitchen is produced by ITV Entertainment in association with A. Smith & Co. Productions. Ramsay, Arthur Smith and Kent Weed serve as executive producers.

Below is the list of 18 chefs who will be competing on Season 16 of Hell's Kitchen:

The Red Team (Women)

- Jessica Boynton, a university chef from Raleigh, NC
Signature Dish: Risotto and bacon-wrapped chicken

- Shaina Hayden, a banquet chef from Long Island, NY
Signature Dish: Salmon Wellington

- Wendy Mendez, a pastry chef from Bronx, NY
Signature Dish: Heirloom tomato soup

- Heidi Parent, an executive chef from Auburn, ME
Signature Dish: Ricotta gnocchi

- Kimberly Roth, a sushi chef from Rochester, NY
Signature Dish: Pappardelle with clams

- Kimberly Ann Ryan, an event chef from Traverse City, MI
Signature Dish: Seared scallops with mango-jalapeno salsa and spicy-toasted Rice Crispies

- Heather Williams, a sous chef from Easton, PA
Signature Dish: Dry-aged Ribeye with hasselback potato and roasted brussel sprouts

- Aziza Young, a kitchen manager from Harrisburg, PA
Signature Dish: Grilled salmon with roasted potatoes and arugula

- Rajeeyah "Gia" Young, a catering chef from Queens, NY
Signature Dish: New York City-style shrimp and grits

The Blue Team (Men)

- Genaro Delillo, a sous chef from Lebanon, PA
Signature Dish: Seared duck breast

- Paulie Giganti, an executive chef from Brooklyn, NY
Signature Dish: Biscotti-encrusted scallops over a crispy polenta with a basil-curry cream sauce

- Matt Hearn, a saute chef from Los Angeles, CA
Signature Dish: Dove breast bolognese

- Johnny McDevitt, a head chef from Philadelphia, PA
Signature Dish: Ribeye and farro with green beans

- Andrew Pearce, a sous chef from Prospect Park, PA
Signature Dish: Pan-roasted halibut with butter-poached leaks, maitake mushrooms and shell-fish broth

- Devin Simpson, an assistant restaurant manager from Mount Pleasant, SC
Signature Dish: Bacon-wrapped scallops with parmesan risotto

- Aaron Smock, a cook from Traverse City, MI
Signature Dish: Pork Schnitzel with blaukraut

- Pat Tortorello, a culinary instructor from Belleville, NJ
Signature Dish: Pan-seared sea bass with citrus risotto, pistachio fennel frond gremolata and balsamic-glazed heirloom cherry tomatoes

- Koop Wynkoop, a kitchen manager from Carey, OH
Signature Dish: Surf and Turf
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.