Hell's Kitchen star Gordon Ramsay experienced a contestant quitting on him just before he probably would've gotten eliminated during Wednesday night's broadcast of the thirteenth-season culinary competition on Fox.

Aaron Lhamon, a 28-year-old lead line cook from Maynard, MA, decided to quit the series after his Blue Team nominated him and Bryant Gallaher, a 29-year-old lead line cook from Virginia Beach, VA, for elimination.

Aaron told Chef Ramsay he needed more education before potentially becoming an executive chef of a restaurant and he didn't believe he could attain such knowledge while competing on Hell's Kitchen. Chef Ramsay expressed surprise and disappointment, as he had never witnessed someone quitting on the show before.

The Hell's Kitchen broadcast began with Chef Ramsay explaining the challenge. Both teams had to cook Indian-inspired dishes using only a few given ingredients for each of the following proteins: pork, lamb, chicken and cod fish.

The Red Team ended up winning the challenge and therefore received a day of pampering complete with foot massages, scalp massages and acupuncture treatment. Each team member also received a brand new blender.

Because they lost, the Blue Team was forced to prepare for the upcoming dinner service. They had to butcher chickens, wipe down the entrance hallway, and handle 50 pounds of rice.

As for the Indian-inspired dinner service, the Red Team "won by a mile," according to Chef Ramsay. He noted their communication was incredible.

The Blue Team then had to nominate two chefs for elimination and they picked Aaron and Bryant. The team agreed Aaron lacked consistency with his "peaks and valleys" in the competition. On the other hand, Bryant lost his temper and blew up in the deliberation room.

Chef Ramsay didn't appreciate the fact the Blue Team had nominated Bryant due to his behavior after the dinner service, especially since they all seemed to agree he was a great chef. It therefore became obvious Aaron probably would've been the chef ousted.