Film producer Al Ruddy's wife confirmed she paid $12,000 at a Las Vegas charity auction for "The Godfather" script Ruddy had autographed.

The studio copy of the screenplay for the classic gangster picture somehow made its way into a Catholic Charities thrift shop.

A woman who works for the organization tried to raise money for the group by selling the item on TV's "Pawn Stars" but said she felt it was worth more than the $500 they offered her, so she put it up for auction.

Ruddy wanted to help out and contributed photographs from "The Godfather" set. He also videotaped a congratulatory message for the new owner.

The Las Vegas Sun said that new owner turned out to be Ruddy's wife, Wanda McDaniel, who presented the producer with her purchase alongside his breakfast at their home in Beverly Hills, Calif.

"I was flabbergasted," Ruddy told the Sun.

"I have a very creative and talented husband who has managed to win two Oscars [Best Picture awards for 'The Godfather' in 1972 and 'Million Dollar Baby' in 2004], and I like to have things in twos to make our two children happy. So I wanted a second studio copy of the 'Godfather' screenplay," McDaniel, an executive vice president of Giorgio Armani, told the newspaper. "It was for a wonderful charity, and this is a wonderful legacy for our family."