Uganda's Gaetano Kagwa may not have won Big Brother Africa, but he still has star power in his native Uganda. The Nairobi (Kenya) Daily Nation reports that there was a four-hour traffic jam caused by Gaetano's return to Uganda.

Gaetano flew into Uganda's Entebbe Airport on Wednesday afternoon, accompanied by his girlfriend/lover from the show, South Africa's Abergail ("Abby") Plaatjes ... only to be greeted by a mob scene both at the airport and on the 45-minute drive from Entebbe to Kampala, the capital of Uganda. In the hubbub, which resembled Beatlemania from the 1960's, Gaetano and Abby were unable to move the required eleven yards to get into their intended car (among a fleet of Mercedes-Benzes supplied by a local business to greet his homecoming), and they had to be stuffed into the nearest possible car to get away.

Prior to Big Brother Africa, Gaetano was an unknown law student, so his reception was entirely due to the show. And Americans think that their reality TV stars get too much publicity...

Naturally, the social conservatives in Africa were up in arms that Uganda's best-known unmarried lover was receiving such attention -- especially when an initial reason for his fame, before his hook-up with Abby, was that he was amply "endowed" in a way that former porn star and Survivor: Thailand winner Brian Heidik might have envied. The Kampala (Uganda) Monitor reports that many Ugandan members of parliament blasted the people who greeted Gaetano as "crazy," and religious leaders had tried to discourage the turnout by vilifying Gae prior to his return. But all to no avail.

Meanwhile, the love affair between Abby and Gaetano continues, according to the Johannesburg (S.A.) Sunday Times. In fact, during their visit to Uganda, Gaetano introduced Abby to his father, and Abby plans to introduce Gaetano to her parents next week. We wish Gaetano and Abby a happy ending ... and wouldn't mind seeing their wedding, if their relationship ends up at that stage, included in its own TV show. Hey, once you've had sex on camera, how much worse can a televised wedding be?