Fresh on the heels of the the St. Maarten bachelor and bachelorette parties of Trista Rehn and Ryan Sutter, the couple matched up on ABC's The Bachelorette, comes word from the Associated Press that ABC has scheduled the TV shows of their wedding to air on three consecutive Wednesday nights beginning November 26, 2003.

Since ABC is entitled to four hours of programming in return for the $1 million that it paid for right to the wedding, we presume that the November 26 and December 3 shows will be 1 hour each, and the December 10 show -- which we expect to be the actual wedding -- will be 2 hours. At this time, ABC has not announced whether the wedding will take place live or will be taped and edited for broadcast -- but we're still betting on the wedding show being live, at least for the actual wedding.

We note that November 26, the day before U.S. Thanksgiving, is also scheduled to be the last day of the November sweeps this year. We wish Trista and Ryan ... and ABC's wedding and scheduling planners ... lots of luck.