Frankie Muniz is sharing more details on his unfortunate memory loss he opened up about on Dancing with the Stars.

On Monday night's Dancing with the Stars episode, Frankie performed a dance with his professional partner Witney Carson to honor the year 2017. Frankie is so happy living in the present when taking into account what he's achieved in acting, professional racing and music, but he doesn't have much memory of the past.

"I've gotten to do everything I've wanted to do, but the truth is, I don't really remember much of that," Frankie explained in a pre-taped video package that aired before he took the stage on Dancing with the Stars for "Most Memorable Year" night.

"I'm not actually sure how my memory loss started. I have had nine concussions, I've had my fair amount of mini strokes -- TIAs are what they are called, transient ischemic attacks... It makes me a little sad that [memories] don't just pop back into my mind. I should remember going to Australia! That's something that people remember."

After the show, Frankie, 31, was asked to open up more about his health issues and apparent long-term memory loss.

"It's something I've never really talked about. But we were talking about being on [Malcolm in the Middle] and how it started, and I don't really have memories of being on the show," Frankie said, according to Us Weekly.

Frankie assumed fans would guess the start of Malcolm in the Middle would be his most memorable year yet, but he doesn't even recall the moments in which he won awards for his starring role on the show.

"My memory of being on the show is seeing the episode and seeing the show," Frankie admitted to reporters. "So that's what we started talking about and it became the story for the night for me, but it is true. It's a weird thing. My whole life, it's not just now."

The Agent Cody Banks star has noticed his memory has definitely worsened in recent years.

"Over the last ten years, my mom especially -- because she was with me during all those years I was doing Malcolm and stuff -- she'll bring up things, or trips we went on, or big events that you think that I would remember, and it's a new story to me. I don't know what the cause of it is," he said.

Frankie continued, "It's not something I've looked into. Just like I said, it's just how my brain is, so I thought that was normal. Like I didn't know I should remember giant [moments] -- going to the Emmys, I don't remember that. I know I went."

The race car driver told Us that he's not sure whether injuries sustained in his sport caused or contributed to his mental issues.

"I've had a lot of concussions... which I think if I was a ballplayer, I wouldn't be allowed to play anymore," Frankie revealed. "But I don't know. Like I said, it's not something I've looked into... I'm not a doctor person. Every time I go to the doctors, they tell me I'm just crazy."
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Thankfully, Frankie's girlfriend Paige Price has been supporting him along the way, writing down their memories to help him remember special times.

"I get sad at the thought of losing my memory, because I know that I do," Frankie admitted. "So she writes literally in detail -- she's a writer too, so it works -- like a journal that I can look at any day. It does bring me back there because there is really cool, amazing detail."