A contestant on Fox's "Who's Your Daddy" says she doesn't understand the fuss the controversial reality show kicked up.

T.J. Myers, the woman seen whittling through a group of men to find her real father this week, says the show was "full of love," the New York Daily News said Friday.

On the show, Myers, who has appeared in soft-core films, guessed which of eight men was her father. She guessed correctly and won $100,000. If she had been wrong, the guy she picked would have gotten the $100,000.

"You know, call me naive," she told Scott Shannon and Todd Pettengill on WPLJ-FM, New York, "but I really didn't realize it. Other than the adoption agencies, they were a little upset about the whole thing, and I don't understand why, because I wanted to meet my birth father."

Adoption agencies slammed the show as exploitative, saying it trivialized an emotional process.