How bad have the ratings for FOX's Temptation Island 3 been? So bad that the network apparently can't wait to get the program off its broadcast schedule. After consistently finishing a pathetic fifth in its timeslot ratings, FOX has apparently decided to burn off the remaining episodes of the series as quickly as possible and completely avoid any possible Major League Baseball postseason scheduling conflicts.

The network has announced that a special two-hour episode of the series will air on Thursday, September 25 from 8-10 PM ET (against the season premiere of NBC's Friends and second episode of last week's top-rated network show -- CBS's Survivor: Pearl Islands) followed by the two-hour series finale at a special time on Monday, September 29 from 8-10 PM ET.

For those wondering why the show was ever brought back for a third edition after the program's similarly pathetic ratings performance during the broadcast of Temptation Island 2, look no further than last winter's smash-hit Joe Millionaire. Both Joe and Temptation Island share the same production company (Rocket Science Laboratories) and during the euphoric days following the ratings bonanza of its reality cousin, as the network scrambled for ideas on how to bring Joe back for a second edition, apparently someone at Rocket Science was able convince FOX executives that giving Temptation another shot was smart move. Oops... apparently that "Rocket Science" name doesn't mean what it implies... after all, these are also the folks that brought the country Married By America.