First there was ABC's Extreme Makeover. Then this fall Bunim-Murray premiered the first daily syndicated original reality series, Starting Over. Now FOX and the producer's of American Idol have announced plans for a new unscripted series named The Swan that combines the physical makeover aspect of Extreme Makeover, the lifestyle makeover concept of Starting Over, and (dare we say it) the "beauty pageant" aspect of ABC's embarrassing Are You Hot?

Do you have a dream that you haven't achieved because of how you look? Do you believe that if you got the looks you always wanted, you could then go on to achieve your deepest desires -- including winning a beauty pageant? If so, producers of The Swan might be interested in hearing from you.

In the classic Hans Christian Andersen tale, an ugly duckling awakened one day to discover that she had been transformed into a beautiful swan. In the real world, life is a bit more complicated that that -- and that's where The Swan comes on. The Swan goes beyond where other makeover shows end, offering women the opportunity to undergo complete life transformations, and then follows their journey afterwards as they accomplish their goals and bring their dreams to fruition. The Swan's team of Life Specialists plastic surgeons, hair stylists, makeup artists, style consultants, speech therapists, and other life coaches will work on each woman from the outside in so that she can accomplish what she always wanted to achieve but couldn't due to limitations, perceived or otherwise.

"We all know people who at some point in their lives get stuck in a bad spot. They have a goal and think 'if only I could change what I don't like about myself, I would be able to fulfill my dreams,'" explains Cecile Frot-Coutaz, COO of the FremantleMedia NA production company. "With The Swan, we're offering the kind of dream makeover that's normally available only to the rich and famous. This is a positive show where we want to see how these women can make their dreams come true once they have what they want. But it is also a competition, and the one who will have achieved the greatest transformation will be voted 'The Swan.'"

FremantleMedia NA, the producers of The Swan, will be searching for their real life "ugly ducklings" through both live casting calls in twelve cities as well as videotaped submissions via its Web site: Additional information may also be obtained by calling 1-866-4SWAN TV (1-866-479-2688).

Female contestants between the ages of 22 and 38 will be chosen based on the compelling nature of their stories. Episodes will be shot in early 2004, culminating in the presentation of each contestant's makeover -- and subsequent achievements -- in a beauty pageant before a live audience. The best among them will be crowned "The Swan."

While accepting taped submissions from around the country (deadline: November 1), the show will also travel to the following cities for live auditions:

October 18: Atlanta, GA
Columbus, OH
New York, NY
Phoenix, AZ

October 22: Chicago, IL
Las Vegas, NV
Nashville, TN
Philadelphia, PA

October 26: Dallas, TX
Los Angeles, CA
Minneapolis, MN
Seattle, WA

For additional information, log on to or call 1-866-4SWAN TV (1-866-479-2688).