At least Fox had something to brag about during the Television Critics Association press tour last week.

Fox entertainment president Gail Berman announced that the network has reached an agreement with Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie to make a third season of The Simple Life. Berman referred to the wealthy celebutantes as "the undisputed stars of summer," noting that The Simple Life 2: Road Trip not only premiered well but is currently the #1 network show among the Adult 18-49 demographic for the summer.

We note that, at the end of filming, we received anonymous reports that relations between the show's production staff and Paris and Nicole were strained ... so strained, in fact, that one of our sources "guaranteed" that there wouldn't be a The Simple Life 3. But apparently strong ratings serve as an elixir that heals all lingering wounds.

Paris Hilton's success with reality TV has also had an impact on her younger sister Nicky, 20, the only adult in the Hilton clan without her own reality show deal. According to the New York Daily News, Nicky's representatives say that she is currently in discussions about doing her own show.

Although we wish Nicky well, we hope that she does not continue to imitate her older sister; one sex tape scandal per family is enough.