Former Laguna Beach star Jason Wahler may admit to having loose lips, but he doesn't think that he's a fighter.

"I did not do that, I'm positive," Wahler said in his defense on Tuesday as he testified that he did not attack tow-truck driver Dario Stevenson -- who is now suing him for assault -- following a verbal altercation in 2006, according to E! News.

"We were in each other's face," Wahler said of his altercation with Stevenson, according to E!. He added that he had been "very drunk" because he had drank three-quarters of a bottle of vodka prior to the argument. "We were just yelling at each other. That's when I started blacking out and really don't remember anything."

"I was being an idiot," Wahler added, according to E!. "I was running off at my mouth."

Stevenson's assault charge against Wahler stems from an altercation in September 2006 during which he claims he was "roughed up" by Wahler after a car he was traveling in was blocked by Stevenson's tow truck as he was attempting to impound another vehicle.

Wahler eventually plead no contest to one count of battery and received a two-month jail sentence that was later converted into a rehab stint over the incident, however Wallace and Stevenson both ended up filing civil lawsuits over the altercation.  Wallace's lawsuit -- which accuses Wahler of assault, battery and violating Wallace's civil rights -- was filed in August 2007.

Wahler reportedly claimed during his testimony on Tuesday that he had not hit Stevenson because he "couldn't move" after the tow truck driver "pinned [him] completely" during the altercation. He added that there would have been some kind of mark -- which there was not -- left if he had struck Stevenson.

Wahler added that the altercation had begun after he had to swerve his car to avoid another tow-truck and had gotten out of the car to exchange words with its driver, according to E!. Stevenson and Wallace -- both of whom are black -- then eventually come over to the argument to see what was going on, according to Wahler.

Stevenson later testified that he had pinned Wahler during their ensuing altercation after the reality star had punched him and told him to "go back to Africa."

"I'm not denying I called anybody names," Wahler said during his testimony, according to E!. "I know I did that."