"Divorcees" Kelly Crabb and Christy Cook's ongoing mental lapses finally became too much for them to overcome during The Amazing Race 13's seventh leg, causing the women to become the sixth team eliminated from the competition during last nigh's broadcast of the CBS reality series.

"Kelly and I have been through everything together," said Christy following her elimination. "I am so proud of where I've been and what I've done since I left my ex-husband. I would have never had this experience had I still been stuck at home ironing sheets for him."

"[The Amazing Race] reiterated, for me, that Christie and I will do amazing things in life," Kelly said.  "And we'll always be each other's support system, that's just how it's gonna be."

The Amazing Race 13's seventh episode began with the six remaining teams leaving New Dehli's Baha'I House, the Baha'I faith headquarters that served as the site of the Pit Stop for The Amazing Race 13's sixth leg.

Following the mandatory rest period, the "Brother and Sister" team of Nick and Starr Spangler were the first team to depart at 8:55 AM.

After opening their departure clue, Nick and Starr were instructed to make their way through the streets of Dehli to the Deshbandhu Apartments. Once at the apartments, they would have to find the complex's central park, which would contain their next clue.

Upon leaving, Nick worried that his team's continued success may put a target on their back. Starr added in that they would do whatever they could to ensure that they stay out in front of the other teams.

"We'll do everything it takes to keep us in the front, and if other teams think that's sneaky of us, that's their opinion. But we're just playing a game," Starr said.

Nick and Starr were followed by Kelly and Christy at 9:02AM, "Mother and Son" Toni and Dallas at 9:10AM, "Newly Dating Couple" Terence Gerchberg and Sarah Leshner at 9:31AM, "Fraternity Brothers" Andrew Lappitt and Dan Honig at 9:44AM, and "Separated Couple" of Ken and Tina Greene last at 9:51AM.

While Ken and Tina had arrived in last place during the previous leg, the revelation that it had been a non-elimination leg had prevented the couple from going home. However, instead of going home the couple was told that it would have to overcome a Speed Bump -- a special task that only their team would have to complete -- at some point during the seventh leg of the race.

Both Ken and Tina were aware of the challenge that was ahead of them -- both in the race and regarding their future together -- but hoped that they would be able to overcome them.

"I don't think anybody is ever successful unless they've overcome great challenges," Ken said. "So it's another challenge for us, both in the race and our relationship."
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After arriving at the apartments, Nick and Starr found the ground's central park and received a clue that informed them that it was time for the leg's Roadblock task, which would require one of their team's members to take part in a traditional Indian celebration known as The Holi Festival.

In the midst of a celebration consisting of people pelting each other with powdered dye and water, each team's member would have to make their way to one of three ladders and climb to its top. Once on top, they would have to scour through hundreds of "TRY AGAIN" marked envelopes to find one of six marked ones containing their next clue.

Starr chose to represent her team and had little trouble finding the marked envelope while being hit with paint while atop the ladder.

After returning to Nick, Starr opened the clue, which told them to travel to Charity Birds Hospital in Old Dehli and search the hospital's bird cages for their next clue.

Because Kelly and Christy's cab driver got lost and had to stop for directions, Toni and Dallas were able to jump into second place after Dallas made his way through the celebration to finish their Roadblock challenge.

Kelly and Christy arrived at the apartments in third and -- after choosing to ditch their cab driver because he had gotten lost on the way there -- had Kelly perform the Roadblock. However, Kelly struggled at the Roadblock, having to come back to Christy for water almost immediately after having paint thrown in her mouth.

After taking a second attempt at the Roadblock, Kelly again struggled as she misunderstood the instructions and did not check to see if the envelope she chose was marked "TRY AGAIN" or not before bringing it back to Christy.

While Terence and Sarah arrived at the apartments in fourth place, they were able to jump into third as Terence completed the challenge while Kelly continued to struggle. Andrew and Dan gained ground as well, passing the girls and leaving the grounds for the bird hospital in fourth place.
"I can't do that again, I'll seriously die," Kelly told Christy after returning with another empty envelope while covered in paint. However, after rereading the clue and attempting the Roadblock once more, Kelly was finally able to find one of the correct envelopes.

However, because they had let their cab driver go, Ken and Tina were able to bump the girls into last place after Ken completed the Roadblock and they returned to their waiting cab.

Nick and Starr maintained their lead as they were the first team to arrive at the bird hospital and find their next clue, which informed them that it was time for the leg's two Detour options: "Bleary Eyed" or "Teary Eyed."

"Bleary Eyed" required the teams to make their way to a street corner and follow a group of power lines down a street while marking down the numbered tags that sporadically appeared on wires along the way. After marking down all of the tags, the teams would have to find a man by a sewing machine and give him the list of the numbers they'd gathered. If the list was correct, the man would direct them to a shop across street where they would receive their next clue after plugging in an electronic Ganesh doll.

"Teary Eyed" required the teams to make their way to a spice market.  Once there, they would have to pick up two 40-pound-bags of dried chili peppers and carry them to a shop a quarter mile away. Once at the shop, teams would have to use mortar and pestle to create 35 oz. of ground chili powder to receive their next clue.

Both Nick and Starr and Toni and Dallas -- the second team to find the clue at the bird hospital -- chose "Bleary Eyed." After arriving in third, Terence and Sarah  decided to choose "Teary Eyed." Andrew and Dan arrived in fourth and chose "Bleary Eyed."

While Ken and Tina arrived at the hospital in fifth, they were handed their Speed Bump challenge, which required them to make their way to a nearby temple and take part in community service by serving holy water to patrons of the temple. Once the water serving was done, the team would be able to return to the bird hospital and continue in the race.

"It's not looking good, but we will make it better," said Ken as he and Tina made their way to the temple in a taxi.

Kelly and Christy arrived at the hospital in fifth place due to Ken and Tina's Speed Bump and chose "Bleary Eyed."

After the teams of Nick and Star and Toni and Dallas arrived at their Detour spot and each attempted to complete the challenge on their own with little success, the two teams combined to work together to get all of the correct tags.

"God I'm glad you guys showed up, there is no way we were going [to do] this on our own." Nick told Toni and Dallas as they worked together.

After getting the chili peppers and having little trouble moving the bags to the shop, Terence and Sarah were immediately overcome by the peppers' spiciness when they began grinding them.

Andrew and Dan arrived at their location and began "Bleary Eyed" but quickly became confused when they tried counting the advertisements and shop signs that were near the power lines instead of the small tags.

Kelly and Christy arrived at the challenge as well and decided to stay in their bike taxi as they followed the power lines.

After finishing their Speed Bump challenge, Ken and Tina headed back to the bird hospital but were delayed by a large traffic jam.

"Oh my God, we're not gonna get out of here," said Tina, "Oh my gosh, we're gonna be way behind."

However, after waiting long enough, Ken decided to get out of the cab and move things out of the way of their cab so it could get through. After getting to the hospital in last place, they chose to "Bleary Eyed."

After compiling their numbers together, Nick and Starr and Toni and Dallas found the man by the sewing machine and gave him their lists and were directed to the stationary store. After lighting their Ganesh dolls, each team received their next clue, which instructed them to travel through Dehli to Humayun's Tomb, a 16th century mausoleum which would serve as the leg's Pit Stop.

Toni and Dallas were the first team to grab a cab and head to the mausoleum, with Nick and Starr following close behind them.

Andrew and Dan and Kelly and Christy did not fare as well during "Bleary Eyed," with each team bringing incorrect numbers to the sewing machine man several times.

After getting stuck in traffic yet again, Toni and Dallas were overtaken by Nick and Starr on the way to Humayun's Tomb. Upon arriving at the tomb and being greeted by The Amazing Race host Phil Keoghan, the "Brother and Sister" team was told that they had won their second straight leg and would be receiving trips to Hawaii as a prize.

"We're having the time of our lives, it's been an awesome journey," Starr told Phil after learning of her win.

Toni and Dallas arrived at the Pit Stop soon after Nick and Starr and were told that they had finished in second place.

Meanwhile, back at "Bleary Eyed," Dan approached Kelly and Christy about joining together to finish the challenge, however neither Kelly or Christy seemed to like the idea and feared that it could hurt their chances to avoid elimination.

"I think it's really down to the wire, we're afraid we're in last," Kelly told them.

"I don't think so," added Christy. "Sorry y'all."

After struggling to grind their peppers and openly admitting that they should have chosen the other Detour challenge, Terence and Sarah eventually finished the challenge and left for the Pit Stop in third place.

While Ken and Tina arrived at the detour challenge last, they were able to skip ahead of Andrew and Dan and Kelly and Christy by finishing it quickly and leaving in fourth place.

Before leaving, they paused for a moment to help Andrew and Dan by showing them the small power line tags they should have been looking for.

"Strategically is it a good decision? I don't know," Tina said later. "We've helped everybody along the way a little bit, that's just the way we are."

Terence and Sarah had no trouble finding Humayun's Tomb and finished the leg in third place, while Ken and Tina survived their Speed Bump and followed in fourth place.

"It was not easy today, but we're here and that's where we wanna be," Ken said after finishing. "We want to get back in the race. We love it and we ain't leaving."

After listening to Ken and Tina's advice, Andrew and Dan were able to complete the Detour successfully and finished the leg in fifth place.

Kelly and Christy eventually completed their challenge and left for Humayun's Tomb, however upon arriving at the Pit Stop, they were informed they had been eliminated from The Amazing Race.

"Christy and I both wanted this really, really bad. We both gained a lot form it and we really enjoyed traveling around and seeing places that we'd never get to see," Kelly said after learning of her elimination.

"To me all it does is just solidify that Kelly and I are just best friends and we will be forever," Christy added.

The Amazing Race's next episode will air on Sunday, November 16 at 8PM ET/PT on CBS.