Charlie O'Connell already looks like his actor brother Jerry O'Connell. Now he also shares the same name with one of his newborn twin nieces.

"It's a real honor," the former seventh-season The Bachelor star told Us magazine on Monday about his brother Jerry and his wife Rebecca Romijn's recent decision to name one of their twins, who were born on December 28, after him.

"The spelling is the same way that they spell my name, so if I get into trouble with credit one day, I can always use hers," O'Connell joked to Us.

O'Connell said that his brother had come up with idea of naming one of the twins Charlie, while Romijn had come up with Dolly, the name of the other twin. He added that both girls were "really cute" and resembled their parents.

"Charlie looks more like Jerry, and I think Dolly looks more like Rebecca," he told Us.

O'Connell also said the twins' birth hasn't caused him and Sarah Brice, his The Bachelor bachelorette pick that he recently reunited with, to begin thinking about having some children of their own.

"As far as I know, no," O'Connell told Us with a laugh. "That's not really my intention. I'm not really like, 'Oh, let's make cousins!'"