Florence Henderson apparently isn't amused by Dancing with the Stars contestant Cloris Leachman's antics.

"I hope the audience doesn't think all older people act like her," the 74-year-old former The Brady Bunch matriarch told Life & Style about the 82-year-old Leachman in magazine's upcoming issue, according to USA Today.

"I love Cloris, but sometimes she acts like she's not all there, or she's wandering around the ballroom acting silly," Henderson added about Leachman's unpredictable behavior -- which has included everything from cursing the judges and trying to "bribe" them with cash to grabbing Dancing with the Stars co-host Samantha Harris' cue cards and interfering in her backstage interviews with the rest of the season's cast.

Leachman and her professional partner Corky Ballas have managed to survive Dancing with the Stars' first six performance rounds despite regularly finishing at or near the bottom of the judges' scoring.

Henderson -- who has previously been incorrectly reported to be competing in several Dancing with the Stars editions over the last couple of years, including this fall's edition -- said that Leachman had likely been allowed to get away with her actions because of her age.

"But you also have to respect the rules, the show and what it's about," Henderson added, according to USA Today.

Henderson's comments aren't the first time she has commented on a reality issue that doesn't directly involve her.  In July, she claimed VH1 had tried to strong-arm My Fair Brady couple Christopher Knight and Adrianne Curry into getting engaged and revealed she hadn't approved of The Brady Bunch child actor's decision to marry the first-season America's Next Top Model winner.

"They asked if I could come and counsel them before the marriage," Henderson told reporters at July's Television Critics Association summer press tour. "And I said, 'No, but maybe I'll come and counsel the divorce.'"

Knight and Curry ignored Henderson's advice and got married anyways.  Following Henderson's comments, Knight expressed his disappointment in her statements. 

"It hurts me deeply that someone that I have loved and respected for so many years; someone that has held an esteemed position in my life, would discuss overtly negative personal opinions about my marriage in a public forum," Knight wrote on his blog.  "I can only hope these recent comments are an aberration or better yet, taken completely out of context."