Lance Bass loved his time on Dancing with the Stars, but it apparently came at the expense of his love life.

"Doing this show really destroyed a relationship that I had, which just sucked," Bass told Us Weekly in a Thursday report. "I just had no time whatsoever, so now it's time to really focus on myself."

Although Bass told Us the show had made him "fall in love with dancing," he still plans to take a break from the dance floor once his participation in this winter's Dancing with the Stars tour ends.

"I'll be hanging up the dancing shoes ... but it is fun to take classes once in a while," Bass said.

However Bass also offered up his suggestion as to which other former N'Sync bandmate should replace him on the Dancing with the Stars dance floor next season.

"I would like to see [JC Chasez] do it next season," Bass told Us. "He's a great dancer. Probably wouldn't be fair because he'd probably win!"

Bass and professional partner Lacey Schwimmer finished third on Dancing with the Stars' recently completed seventh season.