A pair of "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" fans from Michigan say they gave Ty Pennington, a star of the ABC show, a ride after his vehicle ran out of gas.

Diane Grassley of Newport said she and her daughter, Colleen, were driving on Interstate 75 Saturday evening when Pennington flagged them down from the side of the road, WTVG-TV in Toledo, Ohio, reported Wednesday.

"It was kind of dark but our headlights lit up his face," Grassley said. "We both looked at each other and started laughing. It was like, oh my gosh! That's Ty Pennington!"

Grassley said Pennington told them his Suburban had run out of fuel so they gave him a lift to a nearby gas station where he purchased a gas can and some gas. The women took a cell phone picture of Pennington at the station as proof of their celebrity encounter.

They said he also sampled one of the brownies they were keeping in their car for a school party.

"He did tell us that he was hypoglycemic and that he probably shouldn't eat one. But he said they smelled so good," Grassley said.

In exchange, the star of the reality series left Colleen a note reading: "Hey, you're awesome! Thanks for the ride."