The Amazing Race eliminated "Best Friends" Erin White Robinson and Joslyn Davis during the most recent broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 28th season.

The YouTube hosts became the fourth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's fifth Pit Stop at the Dr. Paccard Statue in Chamonix, France, in last place.

Erin and Joslyn seemed to come across a little bit of bad luck while attempting to complete the paragliding Roadblock task.

In a recent exclusive interview with Reality TV World, Erin and Joslyn talked about their The Amazing Race experience. Below is the concluding portion. Click here to read the first half.

Reality TV World: What was your favorite leg?

Joslyn Davis: I'm so glad we got to do the Chamonix leg, because in my opinion and a lot of people's opinions, I think it's one of the coolest legs you'll see this season.

Reality TV World: Did you girls find yourselves forming an alliance with any of the teams? Also, who did you view as the most threatening team, probably the one you'd most likely U-Turn down the road if given the chance?

Joslyn Davis: I wouldn't say we formed any formal alliances with anyone on the Race. I have known Blair Fowler for about five years now, so I already had a pre-existing friendship with her, so that kind of does play into it. We spent a lot of time with them as well based on where we were in the pack.

We spent a lot of time with [Cole LaBrant and Sheri LaBrant], again, just because of where we were racing. We worked a lot with [Zach King and Rachel King]. But as far as formalizing any alliances, we never did that. We just wanted to be friendly with everyone and help other teams as much as possible so hopefully they would do the same for us -- which was the case, honestly, a lot throughout the Race.

With that said, it is a race and we were prepared to U-Turn a team if we were in that second-to-last position and it meant us staying in the Race. But as far as a team that we found most intimidating, I don't know! I think it would probably be a team that had skills that we didn't, maybe a team like [Kurt Gibson and Brodie Smith]. I don't know. Erin, what would you say?

Erin White Robinson: [Tyler Oakley and Korey Kuhl] were incredibly strong also.

Joslyn Davis: Yeah, Tyler and Korey were probably a team that we would've wanted to U-Turn because they are so strong. They're really fast runners! Like, they can outrun every single person in this cast. They trained to run, so that was definitely a threat, and it was always going to be an asset for them throughout the Race.
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So personally, I thought they were our biggest threat and I think they were a threat for a lot of other teams too. I think you're going to see some of that, too, play out later in the season.

Reality TV World: What expectations did you two set for yourselves going into the Race? Were you thinking, "Okay, we'll take this one leg at a time?" Maybe in that case you're glad about making it as far as you did. Or were you confident to the point you thought, "We can win this!" In that case, your elimination would've been a huge disappointment to you.

Erin White Robinson: I will say that what we saw in other seasons -- Joslyn and I are both fans of the show -- and what we've seen consistently are teams that kind of stay in the middle of the pack and who aren't deemed as a threat by other teams seem to last longer and can really win it.

So, our goal going in was to never really show how competitive we were. We wanted to have the best time possible, of course, because this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience and we wanted to have the best time that we could.

But we wanted other teams to see us having a lot of fun so that they would maybe think we're not taking it so seriously -- even though, in private, we were definitely competitively strategizing. So our strategy was to stay in the middle of the pack, never let anyone think that we were a threat, and just get through each leg of the Race and take it one leg at a time.

It's great to win a leg, it's great to win a trip by Travelocity, I mean, that would all be really awesome. But for us, we didn't want to be up too close, because we just didn't want anybody to know that we were a competitor.

Reality TV World: Did you feel underestimated then, especially since you were an all-female team?

Joslyn Davis: I don't think we felt underestimated. I think we're the type of people who try not to let other people's opinions of us sway us one way or another. So, we were just really focused on running our own race and focused on doing our own personal best. Did people not take us as seriously? I'm sure they didn't. I'm sure they didn't.

Historically, again, as fans of the show, you know it hasn't been very frequently that female-female teams have won. So, that in and of itself sort of plays a role in what people think of you. And like Erin said, we weren't really playing all of our cards and putting them out there, so for all we knew, people had no clue what we were capable of.

That said, we were prepared to go all the way to the end. We wanted to win the Race. We intended to win the Race. And we were sad to go, but we knew that there was nothing we could've done to change the outcome. We want a re-do!

Reality TV World: Thinking about a couple episodes back, how did you feel about everything that unfolded with Jessica Versteeg and Brittany Oldehoff when Jessica was trying to complete the flags Roadblock task at the UN building and none of the girls would help her at the end? Jessica cried and felt so excluded.

Joslyn Davis: You know, there was so much that was not shown on TV! It was really disappointing that unfortunately everything that happened in that task was not shown -- and I don't understand why it wasn't, because it makes it seem more dramatic -- but Jessica showed up to the Roadblock when we were literally pretty much done.

We were getting ready to start turning our cards in and get them checked at the UN, and I noticed on the show when I watched it that she was yelling at us, but to be honest, in that moment when we were turning our cards in, I did not even hear her, because I would've helped her.

So as we were leaving the Roadblock, and I was the final one of the three of us to leave, I actually stopped and helped her and gave her the flag that was most challenging for me -- Costa Rica.

And I told her that was the hardest one for me to find, etc. And I guess she got confused after that about what flag it was -- I don't know if it wasn't there -- and it ended up being something that was challenging for her.

So, some people thought maybe I had done that on purpose to try to throw her off, and I know I saw that Brittany said she wasn't sure if I had done that on purpose, but I absolutely did NOT do that on purpose. It was a bummer for women to be pitted against each other on television, and for me, that was personally upsetting.

But as long as the people involved know what the truth is and what our intentions were, that's all that matters to me. So, Jessica actually talked to me after the episode aired and she was fine. I explained I wouldn't have done that to her. So that's all that matters to me!

Reality TV World: Since you were fans of The Amazing Race, did you actually apply to compete on the show or did producers contact you because of the whole social media theme?

Erin White Robinson: CBS actually approached me while we were at Comic-Con. It was kind of a really fast and furious thing, and I think they were looking for a few more maybe female teams that were influencers. So they did approach us, but we did actually have to submit an audition tape.

So we still had to go through the whole process that every single applicant goes through. We had to officially apply, we had to go through all of the interviews. So as much as we were recruited, I guess you could say, we were treated just like any other contestant would be treated.

And the reason why Joslyn and I never applied before is because it's such a, you know, longshot that you even get to be on the show. So we kind of figured that we never would be able to do it anyway, (laughs) so we just never did. So, it's just funny how life works out that way.

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