The Amazing Race eliminated "Best Friends" Erin White Robinson and Joslyn Davis during Friday night's broadcast of the CBS reality competition's 28th season.

The YouTube hosts became the fourth team eliminated from the around-the-world competition after they arrived at the Race's fifth Pit Stop at the Dr. Paccard Statue in Chamonix, France, in last place.

Erin and Joslyn seemed to come across a little bit of bad luck while attempting to complete the paragliding Roadblock task.

In an exclusive interview with Reality TV World on Monday, Erin and Joslyn talked about their The Amazing Race experience. Below is the first half. Check back with us soon for the concluding portion.

Reality TV World: We didn't see about half of the teams' departure times at the start of this leg. What was your position taking off? You left in sixth place right?

Joslyn Davis: Yes, we did. We left in sixth place and sometimes we're so just right on top of each other -- I'm imagining that's probably why they didn't show it -- because we all arrived at the mat literally 20 seconds behind each other. So, Erin, wasn't it, I think, 45 seconds that we left behind the team in front of us?

Erin White Robinson: Yeah, it was something close to that.

Joslyn Davis: Mhmm.

Reality TV World: It seemed like a time you really struggled in the leg was when you were looking for the lunches to bring with you at the Detour before you realized the baguettes you had in your bags the whole time were what you needed. How long did you waste searching?

Erin White Robinson: Actually, we wasted a lot of time because we made a couple of errors when we were about to board the gondola. We forgot our tour guide. I know it showed that [Sheri LaBrant] forgot her tour guide, well, we forgot our tour guide as well. Sp, we lost some time towards the front end of that challenge, but we really only spent a couple of minutes looking for lunch.

It looked like, you know, they played it up like it was a really big deal, and that we wasted a lot of time, but in actuality, we only spent a couple of minutes. So, the lunch really didn't play very much into what happened during this leg at all.

Reality TV World: After watching Friday night's episode, are you glad you did the "Dynamite" Detour or do you think you would've fared better with "Campsite?"
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Joslyn Davis: Oh my goodness! I am so glad that we did not do that "Campsite" Detour. What wasn't shown in the episode -- which will maybe be released in a later clip -- is that [Burnie Burns and Ashley Jenkins], they build and pop tents in their backyard all the time for their boys, so they felt really confident about it.

But what you didn't see was that it wasn't really snow; It was more like hard compact ice, and we were at such a high altitude, that the physicality of doing that would've been really challenging. And they lost a ton of time.

Plus, the "Dynamite" Detour was just so much cooler and more fun! It had more adrenaline. I mean, when else are you going to get to have an experience like that in your life?! It was awesome; I loved it.

Reality TV World: Erin, the show featured you finally paragliding on your third attempt. Was that accurate? And was the issue at first that you weren't running quickly enough or the winds weren't strong enough when it was your turn to go?

Erin White Robinson: Yeah, I fell twice, and then on the third attempt, I took off. In actuality, our position on that mountain -- as you can see in that one shot -- I'm kind of at one end and Ashley is at the other end. We just really couldn't get a strong wind. One of the times it was due to me falling. The second time was due to no wind. We couldn't pick up enough wind.

So what ended up happening, interestingly enough, is after the second time I fell, I was so frustrated with my pilot, I was like, "We have to do something. I have to get off this mountain." And he moved me down to Ashley's position, and that's when I was able to take off, when I moved down to her position on the mountain.

Reality TV World: That's kind of unfortunate. (Laughs)

Erin White Robinson: It really was! And the other thing too that people didn't see is, I was asking my tour guide if I could carve out a path in the snow. Because the snow was so thick and the terrain underneath was really kind of -- like, the mountain is not a smooth surface.

So he was telling me that I couldn't carve out a path in the snow to run. And Ashley got her guide to let her go down several feet to try to carve out the path for her. So, it really depended on positioning, on wind, on if you could clear a path or not, and of course leg strength and stuff like that too, but as you could see, smaller people took off pretty easily.

Big people took off pretty easily. So, most of it just had to do with the elements and where you were and what you were given as far as the landscape of the mountain.

Reality TV World: I was a little confused because, Erin, it looked like you got to the Roadblock task before Sheri and Ashley, but Sheri got to try paragliding before your first stab at it. What exactly happened there?

Erin White Robinson: That was because her guide felt the wind coming and decided they were going to go for it! And my guide was kind of a conservative pilot. He didn't want to be aggressive and take off in any wind.

There was a clip of me going, "Why is she taking off?" And he said, "Look, she had back wind," which is why she ended up falling. So he was very knowledgeable but very conservative, which I think is one of the reasons that hurt us.

Reality TV World: Do you think it's a little unfair they didn't make you attempt to take off for the first time in the order of when you arrived at the Roadblock spot?

Erin White Robinson: Yeah. And I said that as I was climbing back up the mountain. It was after the first time I fell. I said, "Why is she going? This isn't fair!" But I think that's what the show wanted, you know?

Because honestly, the rest of this leg was pretty linear. There wasn't a lot of opportunity for teams to get in front of each other. And I think this challenge was the challenge that would keep audiences on the edge of their seat wondering what was going to happen.

So, I think for the drama of the show, I think it worked out really well. If I was a producer on The Amazing Race, I would be very happy with not doing it in order because it makes people question and wonder what's going to happen next.

As a Racer, it's not fair and it's very frustrating, but I was just like, "You know what? If I'm supposed to get off this mountain, if there's a purpose, then I will." And I just had to, like, leave it up to God to figure it out as much as I could to figure out the details.

Reality TV World: Joslyn, what was going through your mind when you saw Sheri and then Ashley land? Were you concerned about Erin's well-being at that point, or more so just frustration and maybe disappointment?

Joslyn Davis: Oh my gosh, no! It was so interesting because since I was waiting at the bottom of the mountain with so many other teams -- pretty much all the teams, at least 50 percent of them were there at the same time -- I was able to ask the teams that were ahead of me, like [Zach King] as well as [Scott Fowler], you know, "What's going on?! How is this working?"

And they were telling me that the teams were coming in in different orders than they had arrived and they were just guessing that it was because they were taking off in a different order and having trouble.

So as people started to land and I was standing there, I sort of had an idea that if the wind wasn't blowing in your favor, you were not going to be able to take off. That said, we were, I think, in front of three teams when we got to the mountain.

So as people started landing -- who had gotten there way after us -- as they were coming down, I started getting really concerned. And when the final team came down, I think it was Burnie and Ashley who came down, and I knew that Erin was the only person up there, I actually got really worried.

It ended up being probably like 30 minutes before she could take off, so all of production had left. It was literally just me and one camera operator, that's it, standing at the bottom of the mountain. I had someone Walkie-Talkie up to the top just to find out, like, if she was hurt, if something had happened.

And they were able to confirm that it was literally just the wind. There was no wind blowing, and so, they weren't going to be able to take off until it picked up. So, I mean, I was just glad that she was okay. I could imagine how frustrating it must have been.

But when the elements are in your favor, there's absolutely nothing you can do to change that. And I also knew that some of them were athletic teams, like [Kurt Gibson and Brodie Smith]. You know, Brodie even had a lot of trouble getting off the mountain.

So, if he's having trouble physically, then I imagine a lot of people would. At the end of the day though, I think there's nothing we could have done differently. I'm just so proud of the way we ran the Race.

Check back with Reality TV World soon for the concluding portion of Erin and Joslyn's exclusive The Amazing Race interview.